Break the chain

Today is just like any other day I can barely remember. The only difference is that I did something new-this post. I’ve been thinking of (and daydreamed of) making a blog or a site for reviews. Sorta. I want to not because I can, but mainly because I just want to start doing something new. Something fresh. An escape, perhaps, from the monotonous daily life I’m leading for the past months. Spending the day the same way how yesterday went, and knowing that tomorrow, or, heck, even the following weeks after, it’s going to be the same, tedious crap again. We’re bound by the chains we shackle ourselves into. A chain biting our ankles, wrists, neck, without so much of a room to move. Scratching your balls proved to be impossible and left with no choice but to wait for the itch to slowly go away. Not being able to “scratch” that itch can drive you nuts (heh, nuts and balls) the same way as how you look at your alarm clock and realizing that an hour of extra sleep will have to wait until tomorrow.

Now, I didn’t start this post to vent fume or to show you how exciting my life is thus far. I’m keeping this as a reminder for myself that I’ve decided on something, that I will create something different for me every week in the hopes that the “new” things I do piles up, and changes the way my life goes. This post will also serve as a gentle reminder of how bad my writing is. Not that I’ll get any better in the future, but maybe, just maybe the chain breaks as I start moving my hands to write.

I’ll maybe start my reviews in 2-3 weeks. If you ever get to read this, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s going to be an episodic Anime review. You’ll get to know me better in the following months. You may get bored considering how slow a snail progresses. But to anyone who will be there at the end of my journey, I’d like to say ‘Thank you’.

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