Spring 2016

The curtains has been raised to reveal the cast slated to perform this Spring. And, oh boy, it doesn’t look bright and sunny so far.

I ran through the line-up twice to see if I can jog a memory or two but 90% of the titles are just unfamiliar to me. This probably accounts as to why it looked weak from the start, but my gut feeling tells me I’ll miss a couple of hidden gems if I looked the other way.

For starters, I’ll pick a show I’m keen on reviewing, and another one will be chosen from drawing straws. All in all, I will be reviewing two shows, one episodes each a week. As to what my first pick will be… that, I am not sure yet. Which is a good thing, actually. Have you ever been in a situation wherein your favorite chips is sold out, and you’re left to choose between a chocolate you’ve just seen for the first time, and a sandwich which looks kinda delicious? The chocolate could’ve been Boku no Academia, which, apparently, is causing quite a ruckus for being the “next big thing” in the shounen field (as to why this title wasn’t part of my vocabulary until recently, I’ll humbly ask you not to ask). On the other hand, Kumamiko‘s settings seems tasty enough for me to take a bite. Something about its ‘slice-of-life in a rural place’ tone piqued my interest, considering how I’ve enjoyed Gingitsune and Barakamon back then.

Not knowing much about the up and coming shows isn’t entirely a bad thing. Afterall, it’s how surprises are made. I will announce my picks in a week, and pilot reviews will be posted 3-4 days after the show airs. From the looks of it, I’ll be tuning in to 6-8 series this season. Not a bad number compared to my previous run.

As a reference, below is a chart for this year’s Spring line-up, courtesy of Zana at http://www.neregate.com.

Spring 2016 Anime Chart v3.

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