Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 2

All right, so where do I start. It’s the first time I watched and listened to the OP of Kabaneri and it blew me away much like the rest of the episode did. Well, what else can we expect from EGOIST? There are a few hints or perhaps spoilers we can pick up from the opening sequence but I’m too hung up with the tune to bother!

I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out this good considering that I assumed from my previous post that we’ll get a slower episode to flesh out some development. What we got instead is Mumei sweeping the dance floor like a total badass. She isn’t an ordinary person as what we saw before but they sure did threw a good curveball. Just like Ikoma, Mumei happens to be infected by the “Curse” (I’ll start referring to the kabane infection as the curse). Not fully infected, actually, more like she still has control over her mind and actions as well as her humanity similar to Ikoma. Both of them are in-between being a human, and being a kabane – or what Mumei calls, a Kabaneri.

1460747620238 (2)

Being a kabaneri has its perks. You get super human strength, agility, higher pain tolerance and a lot more enhancements. There are, of course, downsides. For one, Mumei seems to have a time-limit on going berserk – it must be why she has a lot of clocks along with her guns – before nodding off to sleep. Ikoma, however, got it tougher. Having been exposed that he’s been bitten by a kabane almost cost him his life as well as a friend. After being thrown away by Kurusu from the train, Ikoma fought tooth and nails in a sea of kabane to save them, all the while cursing his rotten luck to hell. This guy has more balls and honor than the samurais here.


As much as I would like to applaud Ikoma’s guts, the highlight of this episode is a no-brainer. Mumei flawlessly displayed  what a kabaneri can do, and perhaps this may be their only real chance to fight the kabane off. Fighting fire, with fire. In retrospect, I’ve got more questions bubbling in my mind by the second more than answers I got from the first episode. Who exactly is Mumei? What’s the significance of the stone in Ikoma’s hand (and on Mumei’s crown)?  What’s next for them? When will Ayame ever do something? Will driver-chan get more screentime? Will this be another Snowpiercer? All of these should be answered as we go deeper into the plot. We’ve been getting high-octane action from the start and I’d be optimistic to say once again,we’ll get a slower episode next, next week to tie some loose ends. Yes, you heard that right. There will be delay for the airing of the 3rd episode due to a recent earthquake in Japan. Let’s pray and hope that no one else gets hurt.

I actually don’t mind the delay. I feel so hyped and high for this series and I already got my fix thanks to this episode. To cap it off, we have the ED sung by Aimer ft. Chelly (composition by Sawano Yuki). Aimer is a great singer but you add Chelly to it then I’m outta here. Sawano’s touch is the cherry of the cake. Talk about epic.


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