Flying Witch – Episode 3

I find this show a bit more enjoyable than normal due to the fact that I’m a country bumpkin myself. I’ve pretty much spent my whole adolescent-teenage years in our small rural province, yet I never got the time to till the soil off our backyard, much less pulling weeds. Hmm, maybe I did try to unroot a weed or two once out of sheer boredom, but that’s years ago. The real fun comes from seeing a wild chicken (or any other critic roaming around your neighborhood) and suddenly getting the urge to chase and catch it just because you want to. It’s one of those things I do when I don’t feel like booting my Playstation 1 on, or probably when I just want to escape the dreaded summer homeworks due in two days. Stop whatever you’re doing, grab a handful of grain, head out to the backyard, lay the trap, and then wait in ambush. Sometimes they take the bait, sometimes they don’t. Most of the time though, you’re left musing how productive you are with what you’re doing.


Really, living in the sticks can be too slow-enough make you go nuts-but Flying Witch isn’t afraid to take a sit and chill. It’s actually where this series shines and excels at in contrast to the other slice of life/comedy shows out there. The way Makoto pauses to indicate that she’s still processing something in her head, the way Chinatsu reacts when another stranger non-chalantly barges in their house like it’s their own, the background music changing from time to time to match the skit, Chinatsu translating her dad’s accent-thick sentences (Chinatsu here, Chinatsu there, honestly she can run the show all by herself)… this episode captures what a “just another day” moment to us will look like if it happened in the world of Flying Witch. I’m pretty sure that a simple task such as getting a pitcher of water in your fridge will look funny and interesting if Makoto and the gang are the ones reenacting it.


I’d like to talk about our new addition to the family. We’re finally introduced to the brown-skinned, white haired girl we saw in the promo poster. She’s actually Makoto’s older sister; albeit they’re polar opposites of each other. Makoto being the greenhorn in witchcraft, while Akane (Kana Aoi) considered the prodigy. I’m anticipating her debut appearance and she really left an impression with her crazy “older sibling” antics.  She reminds of me of my older brother, maybe one of the reason is because I’ve also been subjected to his silly tricks and jokes when I was small. I’d have to guess that we won’t be seeing her that much since she’ll be globetrotting along with her cat, Kenny, but Akane’s addition will surely bring more color to this show.


We’re also given tidbits of informations/hints (and a couple of magic tricks as well!) about the state of magic and witches in their world. Witches seems to be prevalent here, and their idea of normal is apparently different from what the muggles are used to. I mean, who would give you a mandrake, a crude oil, a block of salt for a gift and think you’ll find a use for it? Another thing is that the cats may not be a feline at all, but rather a familiar assuming the form of an animal. Weirdly enough, the rest of the characters acts realistically for their role, but Kenny and Chito are way off my definition of a cat. So yes, I won’t be surprised if we suddenly hear them talking. They have voice actors for these two cats anyways.

Three episodes and counting, I can say I am enjoying Flying Witch so far and I don’t have an intention of dropping it. It’s a great way to spend 20 minutes relaxing specially that Sundays are the first day of my day-offs, and I surely want to make the most of it. The pace is slower than your average show, but I feel like it’s intended to be this way and it’s how it’s supposed to be. Also, the lack of Nao in this episode is a minus though!



One Reply to “Flying Witch – Episode 3”

  1. – I ever pulled weeds, they’re so strong and made my energy reduced rapidly.

    – And I ever chased birds, not the bird above but chicken. They’re so fast!

    – When I watched two cats are chatting, I enjoy watching this scene. ;3


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