Flying Witch – Episode 4


Have you ever been in a situation wherein you’re listening to a joke, and you guessed how the punchline will end up but the way it was executed made the laugh even more satisfying? Flying Witch sure did crack me silly this episode. It’s been a while since I giggled at something genuinely, and watching this is enough to brighten up my early Sunday morning.


Four episodes behind us and Flying Witch hasn’t managed to bore me out. It’s actually a great change of pace to all the BOOMS! and BANGS! and stuff we have this season (I’m looking at you, Kabaneri). The series obviously leans heavily on its character’s chemistry and interaction as their strong points, but as we reach the latter half of the show, we should be beginning to know more about our cast’s personalities. Now, I know you guys haven’t gotten enough of Chinatsu (by far she’s still the overall star of the series). She’s terrifyingly cute, but that’s only because we aren’t the ones on her receiving end. If you know someone who’s as young, energetic, bubbly, and curious as her, you’ll see where I’m coming from. She can be a bit annoying at times but, hey, that’s how kids are, right? This is not a minus point for her, but rather a plus. It just made me love her character more given how realistic the author was able to portray Chinatsu — although a bit exaggerated on the cute side.


We have Kei as well, whom Makoto pointed out that he’ll make a good girl from the second episode. Well, guess what? He’s actually afraid of haunted houses! I’m not in the position to poke fun at him because, honestly, I’m scared of those, too. Not that I’m telling you guys me and Kei are both girly-wimps, but the term “delicate” should be apt enough. Another thing both Kei and I can agree to is our type when it comes to girls — which leads me to the introduction of our new character.


I won’t be ashamed to say that Chinatsu wasn’t able to get the spotlight this episode. Inukai (Mari Hino) managed to steal the award from our little imouto. I’d say it’s not primarily because of her character or personality, but rather because of how J.C Staff played her debut appearance flawlesssly. She’s Akane’s friend who, in one way or another, was turned into an animal (I think it’s an Akita) thanks to some works of magic. That’s just the surface of it. The real fun comes with how our characters mingled and interacted with her. From Chinatsu calling her cute  which may come of as something rude, to Makoto’s failed attempt at reversing her furry appearance. It’s such a joy to watch and I really wish Flying Witch will keep bringing us this level of consistency every week.


All in all, I still haven’t gotten over that look on Inukai’s face when she completely turned into a dog *points at featured image*. I probably had to rewatch and pause the same scene three times just because it’s. that. funny.  I’m telling you. I’ve watched a lot of titles in the comedy genre — Danshi Koukousei, Nichijou, Bimbougami-ga to name a few — but Flying Witch knows how to throw a good one when it needs to.


Well, I guess that’s all for now, folks! See you next week ^_^

2 Replies to “Flying Witch – Episode 4”

  1. Another compelling point about Chinatsu is that she behaves like a kid, which in anime is not seen that often. Usually kids either do heroic stuff, are nothing but loli material or just doesn’t appear that significantly. Off the top of my head I recall only Naru form Barakamon as a childish child character.

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  2. I like this new character, Inukai. She gave a lot of seasoning to this anime.

    And in the end of this episode, it ends with her true face so I agree with Chinatsu’s brother, she’s beauty. ;9

    ps. I hope she will appear in Flying Witch Petit too! Kenny and that white mice as well. If they appear, I might add them to my Flying Witch Petit post.

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