Flying Witch – Episode 5

That’s probably one of the most down to earth slice of life episode I’ve seen. Technically, nothing really substantial happened here, but to those who pays close attention to what’s happening, you’ll be rewarded with something more of what you’re expecting.

It’s the little things we often miss. Here, Dad gets two pieces of meat for lunch because Akane stole his share during breakfast.

First half of the episode was spent with Chito and Chinatsu just running around the town–literally. It sounds boring, and it actually is boring. While it’s cute to watch Chinatsu do Chinatsu things, I felt I was dragged to watch something that doesn’t look really that interesting. It’s kinda like seeing something awesome, but forgetting it the day after; unmemorable. This is only the surface of it. Every mundane (and mysterious) and forgettable things from the first part were answered one by one in the second part through a fluid parallel story telling.

D’aww~ I want to pet both of them!

I don’t know what got into Chinatsu’s head that led her to think that following Chito is gonna be a great idea. Whatever it is, she’s not wrong with this one. I wonder though who the real curious cat is between the two? Anyways, thanks to Chito, Chinatsu was treated to a fence that has a scary looking face in it, an angry dog, a flower petal and a wise old woman, and a pitfall. Watching only the former half of the episode will leave you confused. All of it doesn’t really make any sense. I maybe judged it too early. I never would have guessed that the latter part of the episode will be the missing piece to the puzzle.

Finally, a wild Nao appears!

Now, I won’t be talking about what the piece to the puzzle is on this post. If you haven’t watched the 5th episode yet, I suggest you watch it now–I don’t want to spoil a good show for you. If you already watched it, then I presume you understood why Chito walked around town, why the dog is angry, who the old woman is, and what the deal is with the pitfall where Chinatsu fell. That last mystery is still somewhat vague though. I believe Chinatsu fell–by some stroke of luck–to keep her away from what Makoto and Nao found later on (hint: Chinatsu likes to eat sweets). That’s probably the best conclusion I can draw from it.

Love stories never gets old with this lady.

At the end, I got this satisfying feeling from getting enlightened. Paying close attention to what you’re watching especially in these kinds of show is truly rewarding. Flying Witch is basically telling you that it doesn’t take flashy explosions, shocking twists, to keep the viewers entertained. It all boils down to proper execution. From character chemistry and interactions, to telling a story into something magical, this show keeps getting better, and better every week.

2 Replies to “Flying Witch – Episode 5”

  1. It’s refreshing to see Chito is main character along with Chinatsu. It’s pity Kenny should join them.
    I don’t know Chito knows Chinatsu followed her or not but I will guess she knows, since she is on the roof and watches Chinatsu goes inside home. Maybe she follows her back as well. ;3


    1. Yup. The cats need more screentime! It’s really fun to watch them do their own thing. I have pet cats at home (5), they’re usually just asleep but they do something interesting once in a while. I was wondering how old is Chito though.


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