Flying Witch – Episode 6

Flying Witch blends both the mundane and the supernatural together to form a truly satisfying experience. We are treated yet again with another fun-filled slice of life showing with a twist of fantasy as we join the Kuramoto family’s silly antics in this episode.

How can you say No to this cutie?

There are few kinds of laughter that are just contagious. Even if the joke seems stupid and simple, you just can’t help but giggle along with them. Chinatsu’s one of them. I am nothing but smiles this episode. From watching how easy Chinatsu is to please (just like any other kid there is), to the magical food gag they threw in the second part; every bit was worth the laugh. Even Kei who just watched his action flick the whole time the girls are playing around started to look funny. The movie he is watching is in CGI which is a weird contrast to the show considering that its animation is even better than Flying Witch. Oh, and that Star Wars reference from the last movie he watched is a plus! You have good tastes, bro.

The title of the movie is called High Speed Soldier but all we see are cars.

I also find it funny that almost all of the magical stuff we saw up until now has something to deal with cooking. It almost looks like they’re doing alchemy rather than witchcraft (or maybe they’re the same?). Akane would really be a great teacher though. She displayed that it’s easier to understand magic by showing how to do the trick , rather than explaining the details beforehand. I’m a visual learner — most of us are anyway — which is why I find it easier to learn something by watching the person do it first. On a different note, I think we can all agree that Akane should be kept well away from food. Inukai turned into a dog, and Mr. Kuramoto is torn between laughing and crying. Yup, it’s funny, but it can be the cause for some trouble.

Uh-oh. Not the bears!

Chinatsu’s progression from magic is scary! to magic is cool! is perhaps one of the most entertaining character development for this series. Even her “ideas” of what she wants to do when she becomes a full-fledged witch are parodies of children fairy tales. It just shows how much of a realistic kid she is. But then again, the Chinatsu we know is a Chinatsu who was introduced to magic through Makoto and the gang which makes her not that all too realistic. I wonder though what kind of show we’ll get if we remove all the supernatural stuff in this series? It would still be fun, I bet, given how perfect the chemistry and interactions we have with our casts. Take note though that we’re yet to see the full picture. I’m really excited to see the rest of the characters get some screentime — it will be a blast!

I kinda feel like this is where Flying Witch plays best at. The show doesn’t really over expose itself with stuff. It lets the viewers click in at their own pace. It’s a hit and miss for some people. Slice of life is generally not everyone’s cup of tea, however, for those people who really are into this genre, I will not argue that Flying Witch is shaping up to become one of my top pick for this year’s bests — not just on its own field and expertise.


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