Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 6

Just when we thought it’s game over for Ikoma and the crew, they strike back and capped the episode in probably one of the most epic moment yet this season.

I just love how Kabaneri manages to fit a lot of things in this episode. The pacing from the first part felt a bit slow considering that it gave way for some Mumei backstory and some character development with Ikoma. I don’t mind, really, since the latter part acted as the stage/frame that will later on give us one hell of an epic showdown between the Black Smoke and our heroes. The fact that everyone worked together as a team to take down a massive foe just added to my goosebumps. Everyone just clicked together like a well-oiled wrecking crew.

The whole cast itself is the star of this episode. Even the side characters are getting their own fair share of screentime. Suzuki, for one, is a breath of fresh air amidst the putrid stench of rotting decay in this world. If you remember that Western dude who speaks broken Engrish, then yup — that’s him. He never fails to make me laugh even if he only appears for 5 seconds to say some random English word. That’s probably his only reason why he’s in this show — to say something in English. Kurusu unsheathing his sword as the background music kicks in is pure badass. I first felt annoyed at him due to his antagonistic nature but he’s growing up to be a great character. Another one I’d like to mention is Sukari. He doesn’t talk much and may seem like an arrogant person but he’s been proving that he’s one of the most reliable person on-board the train. Too bad all 3 of these dudes doesn’t hold a candle against Yukina. Her muscles alone speaks for themselves. Damn.

As expected, we’re starting to see a bit of Mumei’s past. The short story of it is that she was saved my the “Young Master”, and was trained to become a pro kabane demolisher. I also have to applaud Ikoma in this episode. Not only does he get to “hug” Mumei mid-air, he also did manage to throw a few cool lines here and there before shooting down hoards of kabane — not something Eren can do. Heck, he even beat Mumei on their own verbal argument about fate and the law of the jungle. He’s probably the only person so far who can tame and get some sense into Mumei’s head aside from the Young Master. Well, I guess this is more reason for viewers (and me) to ship ’em together. IkomaxMumei doesn’t sound bad, honestly.

See? They DO look like the Power Rangers.

All in all, I can say that this episode is a perfect 10/10. I could probably nickpick a few odd things here and there but it was an epic conclusion to the escape arc and from the looks of it, they’ll soon be arriving at their destination next week, meaning, more story progression and less action. No matter. That action sequence in the end is enough to keep me hyped till June! See yah!

Here’s some cute Mumei to end this post.

3 Replies to “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 6”

    1. I agree! I just feel a bit bummed that we have 4 episodes left. It just feels too short. I know it’s wishful thinking but considering how the series is doing well both in the east and west, a 2nd season isn’t easy to ignore.

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      1. I know, seeing people going from hating it to loving it as much as Titan really makes me hopeful for a better view on Wit Studio. May we eventually see an epic conclusion to this thrilling train ride (also, because I am trash, I wouldn’t mind a third season of Seraph, though highly unlikely. The second season was just so badass, and I realize it’s caught up to the manga).

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