Flying Witch – Episode 7

Flying Witch makes me want to take a paid leave, then set off with my cat on a Sunday morning stroll. If only I can hold an actual conversation with my cat, this idea would be perfect.

Chito is smug yet again.

This week’s installment is equal parts relaxing and cute. We’ve gotten no less than what we come to expect after getting familiar with Flying Witch‘s simple yet effective formula. A slow slice of life pace for the mild flavor, and a twist of the supernatural for that extra aftertaste. At first glance, character development doesn’t seem to be progressing that much at all, but if we do compare this week’s episode to the first three, we’ll be surprised by how much we’ve been missing. Chito, for one, is starting to feel like a real part of the crew, instead of something like a mascot tagged as a “witch’s familiar”. Her interactions with the rest of the gang are week by week getting much more interesting and relateable — not to mention cute. Relateable in a way that cats’ facial expressions actually do convey their emotions more often than those of other common domesticated animals. They even got Chito slapping Nao’s face with her tail on point. Every time I poke my ill-mannered cat, her tail sloshes to and fro in a timed rhythm — a clear sign she’s annoyed by this pesky human. We also have Makoto who, at first, denies that she doesn’t get lost that much, but now she’s actually proud of it as if it’s a matter of fact. It’s these little portrayals that we usually don’t notice from our everyday life that makes Flying Witch a truly down to earth show.

Former half of the episode was bridged to the introduction of a new character — ghost waitress-chan. The trio Kei, Chinatsu, and Makoto’s interaction with ghost waitress is pure diabetes. Chinatsu, being the tactless kid, dropped the hint and we were rewarded with a blush, and a rather cute retreat from ghost waitress. I find it funny and odd that she’s shy to the point that she’d rather choose to look weird by covering her face with a mask. I’ve never met someone with this level of shyness before, and that just adds to my curiosity of her. I’m pretty sure ghost waitress is going to be the source of a few jokes and pranks by Akane in the future. I really do wish we are to see more of Inukai though. I thought that Akane won’t be getting much screentime considering that she’s travelling prior to all of this but for some reason, she’s lazing around at home watching some afternoon drama. Actually, when the scene moved back to the house, the bgm coming from the TV sounds like some fast-paced stuff and not what Akane claims the “drama” show she’s going to watch. Who knows. She may be watching some Jackie Chan!

I can say that that was yet another enjoyable episode of Flying Witch. We’re down to 5 left, and I don’t even want to bring that up specially since there are a lot of things I still would love to see from our casts. We’ve yet to see a beach episode, a school episode, more Inukai, and basically any thing from Flying Witch. I guess if I were to say what the downside to a slow paced show is, it’s that we can’t expect more to be shown. I’m not really sure how far the source is ahead, but if there’s more material to cover, we can be lucky enough to get a second season or perhaps an OVA considering that Flying Witch seems to be doing great with both Japanese and western viewers. Regardless, this show so has surpassed my initial expectations which makes me so happy I got to pick Flying Witch up as one of the two shows I’m covering this season ^_^ Well, I guess that’s it for this week. I’m off to request my paid leave now. See ya soon!

4 Replies to “Flying Witch – Episode 7”

  1. – eh? Do you mean cat will slap us with its tail if it get annoyed for real? I think this is just a little joke from flying witch or something.

    – haha, I like how Nao made Chito-san happy and angry in one episode. I feel refreshed just watched this.

    – It’s more refresh to see some sweet bakery too. Look yummy! I should not watch this when it’s nighttime but too late. ;3

    So I want Nao and Chito-san to have fun talk again in “Flying Witch Petit” I ever mentioned in my blog. I hope they will order bakery again in Petit.


    1. Haha! They won’t really slap you directly. It only happens when you’re in way of her tail -> bed/ground. So, yes: annoy cat -> place hand underneath tail -> get “high fives”!


  2. I’ve been loving this show, and i’m glad to see other people are to! I always save Flying Witch and Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless for bedtime, both shows are great for winding down at the end of the day. I also love how realistic it is – especially since it’s a show about witches haha! I’m sad that this show is over halfway through now, and I really hope they have something to replace it and Tanaka-Kun in the next season. I like shows with exciting stories and everything, but things like Flying Witch are like a nice relaxing cup of hot tea for me.

    The season for ostrich ferns is actually just coming up in my area, so i’ll probably be on a hunt for them this weekend. We call them “fiddleheads” here in Nova Scotia though.

    I wish my cat was as mellow as Chito-san… My little furball is ridiculously adorable and you just want to cuddle her to death, but she’s a nasty little thing and will barely let anyone touch her outside of when she wants food.


    1. I agree. I don’t even want to think about it being over. No worries though! If you really want to follow through, there’s still the manga. It’s just that there’s a certain charm you will only understand if you watch Flying Witch’s anime with all the BGM and stuff 😦

      Slice of Life has always been one of my favourite genre. I suggest checking Non Non Biyori for something similar to Flying Witch. There’s also Barakamon and Mushishi — which both reminds me of a warm cup of tea like Flying Witch does.

      In my place… it’s rare to see something other than shoots of grass jutting out of the walkway. I’m now living in the city, and I really want to take a looooong vacation back in my province. As far as cats goes, they’re a normal part of my life now considering that I have like 5 pet cats. None of them are as smart as Chito, but all of them are as easily annoyed.

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