Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 7

Our heroes can finally breath a sigh of relief as they reach their checkpoint. As luck would have it, they just made it in time for Tanabata!

We’ve seen the lighter side of the crew in this episode as they take on mundane problems such as bargaining for a squash, kicking some rowdy bushi’s ass and the likes you’ll normally come to expect from a slice of life show. The thing is, Kabaneri obviously isn’t tagged as slice of life which makes this episode rather like a filler episode. Nevertheless, it’s fun and refreshing to see our heroes do something other than mowing hoards of kabane. Well, they were only given a day to take a break so might as well enjoy the time while it lasts.

I’d say the high point of this episode is our gang’s interaction with each other. It goes to show that they’ve come a long way and an unspoken bond has already formed between them. Sukari and Yukina are often seen together which poses the question whether Sukari is hitting on Yukina or not. The two probably are one of the most unlikely couple to be formed, and I prefer to have Western-dude together with Yukina (don’t mind me, I’m just shipping here). Ayame is obviously Kurusu’s apple of the eye — that’s a given — but seeing how Kurusu reacts to the softer, sillier side of Ayame suggests that we probably shouldn’t expect this pairing to go that far. Ikoma and Mumei’s subtle “date” is cute enough for me to swoon over. I just love how Ikoma kinda professed his feelings/intentions to Mumei without being aware about it himself. Ikoma really likes to say cool stuff to Mumei but if we read between the lines… he’s basically saying that he wants to protect Mumei’s smile — just like any other knight in a shining armor would do.

On another note, we are introduced to the Hunters — Kabaneri‘s own version of the Surveillance Corps — a group dedicated to eliminating kabane. Mumei is part of this group and unsurprisingly enough, the Young Master who saved her life, Biba-sama, leads the team. Not much is known about Biba-sama other than his stature of being the Shogun’s son and his combat prowess, but Ikoma is sharp enough to sense something odd from him. Perhaps it’s his kabaneri instincts kicking in? Or maybe Ikoma is just plain jealous because her imouto’s smile will be taken away from him again?

I’m a bit anxious at how Wit Studio will manage the story and plot considering that we’ve only got 4 episodes left. Still, they did a really great job at consistently showcasing Kabaneri‘s quality. It’s not easy to notice but Kabaneri is beautiful in its own skin despite all the gore and action we are accustomed to. Minus the post apocalyptic-zombie setting, Kabaneri would do just fine on itself. Unfortunately, this may be the last time we see our crew’s carefree faces. The last 4 episodes will surely be a rough ride and I’m bracing myself for the twists and turns we may encounter.

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