Flying Witch – Episode 8

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking my OJ when the fox barked. I was actually half expecting that the fox will indeed say kon kon as what Makoto explained — but yes, the fox BARKED. For the time being, the ignorant me will believe that they really make barking sounds until I do my Google/Youtube search lateron.

We continue from where we left off from the last episode — the trio enjoying some snacks in Cafe Concrucio — and along with them comes the next wave of customers as well as our two new characters. Anzu Shiina (Yuka Iguchi), one of the cafe’s waitress, is a non-fuss character who apparently seems to be more mature than Makoto despite her age. I’m a hundred percent positive I’ve heard that low, loli-ish voice before but I’m having a hard time remembering (Index, I think?). Anyways, that aside, the skit with Makoto confusing Shiina-san (Anzu’s mom) with her was unexpectedly funny even though I anticipated the joke miles away. I… don’t even want to mention the fox skit. That was something I honestly didn’t see coming. The pause before the fox barked just made it even better and I had to double take the scene to see if I missed something. Again, it’s all about how to deliver the punchline and Flying Witch makes it look so effortless. But, hey… I’m sure that foxes DOESN’T bark. Maybe the fox is just messing around trying to make fun of Makoto, then again it’s harder to believe they make kon kon sounds instead.

In addition to the Shiina family, we were introduced to a couple more side characters. We’ve got two dating ladybugs, a veil, and a fox. The magic/supernatural part of Flying Witch feels even more interesting and intriguing with this episode. I never expected that there is an entity that basically brings night to the world even though we already met the Harbinger of Spring (duh?). I guess it’s safe to assume that we have the Umbrella of Light or the Coin of Misfortune too for that matter. With all of these possibilities reminds of Natsume Yuujinchou (who is, by the way, getting a 5th season soon! Woohoo!) and Mushishi which both delves deeper into the world of the supernatural. I feel like Flying Witch can welcome us farther into the other realm but by doing so might eliminate its perfect balance of mundane slice of life and magic.

Last but not the least, we got the Adventures of Akane. For some reason, she decided to go to Vietnam and, well, perform her witcherly experiments. Watching her explain herself to a local is subtlety funny given that that’s how travelers usually communicate to compensate for the language barrier and most of the time, it ends up looking like a comedy play rather than an actual conversation. I was just thinking though why she just didn’t set up a timer on the camera instead of dragging her half-asleep lil sis. I can sympathize with Makoto here. I had a hangover before and woke up barely remembering a thing I did in-between broken sleeps. We have to wonder what other sorts of stuff Akane has done that Makoto isn’t aware of. Well, it just shows how cool she is! No one to take the picture? No problem, let’s drag the first person we can think of and let her do the shooting! Fail an experiment? No problem, let’s drink!

Well, I guess that’s it for this week’s Flying Witch! Just another display of perfect delivery from J.C. Staff. I have to believe this is how a slife of life show should be: mundane, but interesting enough to draw the line between it and boring. Sadly, we’ve got 3 episodes left, and we’ve yet to get more screentime of the other characters 😦 I may have to read the manga after the anime adaptation ends, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll do posts about it. We’ll see ^_^


One Reply to “Flying Witch – Episode 8”

  1. – Those little bug’s couple went out on a date in cafe!? Plus witch gave them the service with some flower! I never expect to witness this. These scenes made me open my mouth.
    – That black cloak lady made me think she is one of angel in evangelion.
    – And they provided us a fox who is regular customer and his usual is winter cherry! His face when eating those berries made me he is like Kenny in some way (his eyes).

    Ahhhh! I want these customers to appear in “Flying Witch Petit” too. It would be very interesting. And Akane finally appear in this short streaming anime I got in my post. Still, why does Kenny and Inukai not appear in Petit?

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