Flying Witch – Episode 9

Eyyy~ Eyyyy eyy eyyyyyy eyyyy eeyyyyyy — reminiscent of those highschool moments when your seatmate makes snickering and annoying sounds to tease you and your crush reminds me of how awfully embarrassing this is, even more if your crush denies it and calls you “that thing”. However, when viewed as a spectator, I can’t help but crack up. Flying Witch makes every stupidest and mundane things funny and worthwhile. It’s just how the show is.

I’m actually a fan of fortune-telling regardless if some people may think of it as a girl’s thing or a hoax. I usually read my daily horoscope if time permits and more often than not, I can say that my horoscope is fairly accurate enough to make me believe in astrological forecasts. For one, I’m born in the month of the crab — Cancer. If you’re not familiar with the zodiac signs (or if you’re just one of those who never really took interest in these kinds of stuff), cancerians are sensitive and gentle. We prefer staying at home and, as an aquatic creature, Cancer is also the sign for water which correlates to someone who is deep and mysterious — simply put, an introvert. The same can be said about me. If I have to introduce myself, the easiest way to do so is to let you guys know what a Cancer’s personality is. Well, of course, fortune telling is just a baseless way of predicting something in our world but if put side by side with Flying Witch, it fits perfectly so. The fact that we are having fortune telling means Inukai’s back! Her screentime was rather brief, but having been rewarded a cute blush is enough to make young boys (and maybe Kei) go on sleepless nights. Inukai’s fortune telling is pretty simple. Throw a bunch of trinkets in a picture of a circular tome, and read the message based on where the trinkets landed. As usual, fortune-telling can sometimes come in a vague description. Flying Witch is not an exception as Makoto and Chinatsu had a totally different idea of what will happen. Never get your hopes up, gals!

Guess what? The crops and vegetables they planted grew in real time! They did start their backyard venture a month ago, and as a matter of fact, radishes can be harvested after 22-70 days. Coincidence? I’d like to think not. It’s one of those details that I’ve come to love with Flying Witch. It gives the show a sense and feeling of progression in the background, in contrast to a character’s development on-screen. Still, I never knew radishes are red. I’m not sure I’ve eaten one though. This show seems to be putting a lot of details into veggies.

Makoto and Chinatsu are overly genki this episode. I think this is perhaps the silliest Makoto we’ve seen. From requesting to cure her bad sense of direction even though what they’re doing is fortune telling, to sneakily convincing Nao to take some of the surplus radishes home with her is such a joy to watch. Her silliness seems to differ from that of her big Sis, Akane. Akane is the aggressive abuser, while Makoto is the passive airhead. Nao couldn’t have said it well enough: weirdness runs in the family. Even the Kuramoto side of the clan has similar traits going on with them. Kei and Chinatsu resembles their mom’s looks a lot. There’s even a clip this episode where I was left confused if it’s Kei or Mrs. Kuramoto I’m looking at. Still, that mom and daughter part is really relaxing and heartwarming to see. It gives us an idea of  what kind of household the young Kei and Chinatsu grew into.

Yet another great episode. What else can we expect from Flying Witch? All of the characters has already been introduced, so I guess all there’s left is for them to revisit Makoto and the gang and just do the usual Flying Witch stuff. It would be a plus if we see more Inukai and Al though!


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