Flying Witch – Episode 10

Having non-existent cooking skills myself, it’s like rubbing salt to a wound just by watching Nao clumsily survive their Home Economics class. While it’s fun to watch the trio’s goofiness in the kitchen, I feel kinda bad laughing at Nao. I’m much, much worse than her — seriously. So bad that it’s probably a better idea to keep me way out of the kitchen. Although my level of ignorance is lower than that of Nao, there’s just an inherent fear I get when tackling such task. I just hate the idea of wasting good food so I’ve always thought that it’s better for my mom to handle the job. If there’s one thing I’m confident at, it’s cooking rice and eggs. If I get assigned to do something I am not familiar of (which is most of the very basic cooking stuff), I get this weird idea that the gas stove will explode, my fingers will get cut, and probably any gore you can think of with kitchen utensils. Sounds exaggerated? Nope, it’s true and Flying Witch couldn’t have interpreted it much better.

The second part of the episode is spent with the Kuramoto family joining with the locals on tending their apple orchard. Flying Witch‘s take on relaxation and laying back is something that I’ve grown to love since the start. From herb picking, to orchard farming, we not only get to sit back and enjoy the show, but we also aget a glimpse how livelihood works in rural areas. I grew up from the sticks before moving to the city and even if I never got the chance to muddy my hands in the rice paddies, Flying Witch makes me want to do so now.

As per usual, Akane is sleeping again. We’ve got the good-ol’ genki Chinatsu, too, but Kei has got to be the star of this episode. Kei somewhat represents the mundane or the rural/household aspects of the show which makes cooking and farming right up his alley. Nao comes in second as she plays the role of the straight man — the show’s comedy relief. I just find it weird why she isn’t that knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the country considering that she also grew up in Aomori just like Kei.

It’s sad to say but we only have two episodes left. Flying Witch‘s run has been great and it truly exceeded my expectations. If there’s one thing I want to quip about is that we didn’t see much magic this episode. The supernatural/magic twist on Flying Witch is one of the main factor that distinguishes itself from other slice of life. It’s not that the laid back portion isn’t good, it’s just that it’s best when mixed together with magic. In any case, I guess I’ll soon be picking up the manga to catch up. I’m going to miss Makoto and the crew which makes reading the source material a great way to get in touch with them. Well, I’ll see you guys next week for more Flying Witch!


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