Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 10

All right, boys. So how do we make Kabaneri interesting again?

Easy. Let’s kill Takumi!

Ehh!? We should include Ikoma too because he’s the MC and our viewers can be sure he’ll be back next episode with some newly acquired supah powah!


Well done, Kabaneri. Just… well done.

Honestly, I should’ve taken Kabaneri with a grain of salt from the start they tangent off the zombie-action wild-ride. The former arc of the series is probably one of the season’s best. The latter? Eh, not so much. I just love how Kabaneri kept the steam hot and gave us a thrilling blast with that train chase in the end and, by all means, it would have been more entertaining if they followed the same track. Sadly, we’re reduced to swallowing the prospect of humans vs humans backdrop which… doesn’t sound flashy.

Biba’s debut is indeed festive and intriguing but how he forcefully sells his villainy to us just feels cheap. It’s kinda like Kabaneri‘s bad attempt at giving us a final boss and, well, it doesn’t seem to be working all too well. Even his supposedly backstory of revenge isn’t selling. Heck, anyone can probably be tagged as an “antagonist” if you’re smart enough to link “mass murderer” and “villain” together. As I feared, there really isn’t that much of a substance for his motives and it just made the revelation even more underwhelming. Biba, dude, killing innocent people won’t make you any better than your otou-san. For the sake of all good things Kabaneri has to offer, at least I’m happy to know that Gaijin-san is up and kicking. We haven’t seen (or heard) much of him from these past few episodes and his off-kilter way of announcing his presence is a saving grace from Kabaneri‘s recent ass pulls. Really, I guess if I’m finding Gaijin-san more interesting than that of what’s happening is probably one of the indications that the show is going downhill.

Don’t get me wrong. I still like Kabaneri with all of its 80s visuals and steam-punk theme. It’s just that for a show that started with a BANG, it’s truly disappointing to see it fall short in the end. The sloppy writing and execution would have been more bearable if they just stuck with the humans vs kabane formula but, oh well, I guess we just have to give Kabaneri one last chance to redeem itself. Who knows, Ikoma and the crew may be hiding something up their sleeves for their last hurrah! And no, I’m not talking about that brainwashing crap. Please, no more of that.

*I intended to keep this post short. Too tired :/ I’m thinking of increasing the word amount next season as part of my plan of stepping out my output.

4 Replies to “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 10”

  1. I don’t wholly agree with humans vs. Kabane being better compared to humans vs. humans. In principle zombies usually are just mindless beings, an obstacle that catalyze the reaction of the heroes and initiate their struggle against the world. I’d argue that if well made, behaviour and interactions between humans that are pushed to their extremes in order to survive are more interesting than just seeing someone overcome some unintelligent force. At least, that works in theory. Now the show concentrates only on the ‘baddest guy in the history vs. the heroes’ and Kabane are pretty much left behind. I totally agree with you in a sense that there are huge unexplored possibilities in the world building, more information about Kabane included. The show is certainly underplaying one of its strongest elements – the setting.


    1. I agree. It’s kinda like a wasted potential. Ikoma and the crew could’ve met other people from other countries, gone to places with different “breeds” of kabane, etc. However, building Kabaneri‘s world would also mean expanding the story which… isn’t really feasible with a 12 episode-airing. I guess that led them to create Biba’s “final boss” image instead and just throw in any evil ideas that will make him worth it? Idk. It’s just that going with Biba doesn’t really… solve or explain anything. Sure, they kill Biba but then what? That doesn’t eradicate the world from the kabane which is basically the issue we were presented from the start of the show.

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