Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 11

Consider this: a Rockman game starring Ikoma and his nail-gun, blasting away kabane left and right. You can also switch between characters like Mumei — a mix between melee and ranged combat — or Kurusu — if you believe R1 spamming is the real deal. Man, Kabaneri would make a great 2-D side-scrolling game for sure. And, no, I’m not taking a jab at Mighty No. 9 here.

I don’t have much to say in this post, other than cite a few details that irked and amused me. For one, I find it odd at why they still tried to imbue a sense of depth to Amatori’s character. We haven’t gotten any sort of exposure to his character other than what we heard from Biba’s narrative/point of view, and, given this, the supposedly compassionate flashback of Biba’s younger self with his dad smiling at him felt… half-baked. We’ve grown accustomed to the idea that Amatori is simply a ruthless ruler and father, and that flashback doesn’t add much credibility to him for us to empathize with. Perhaps it was meant to show that there’s still a sliver of humanity in Biba’s heart? This would be most likely but still… what’s the point? Biba has already established himself as an all-out murderer existing for us to hate. It would’ve been a better choice if they depicted him smiling while looking at Amatori’s corpse instead. Boy, that would’ve made my blood curdle even more.

That aside, there’s a post by Scamp in The Cart Driver at how Kabaneri does a great job at keeping its pace during climactic moments. I can attest to this given at how episode 11 turned out. At one point, we see Ikoma lamenting his own weaknesses, then we suddenly cut to that moment when he goes full Rockman. It keeps us intrigued, but strays away from being predictable at the same time. Kinda like how the first arc of the series played itself. Kabaneri showed us what a kabaneri is, rather than telling it through some sort of exposition. Contrary to the first, the second part does indeed lacked action as it took its time introducing Biba’s character (plus a couple of ass-pulls here and there). Ikoma’s foreshadowing already gave way to Biba’s villainy and kinda defeated the purpose of a “getting to know” session. Thanks for spoiling us, Ikomon! Well, this isn’t that bad given that the writer and director had to cram everything up in 5-6 episodes. Brainwash? A convenient cure for Mumei? OP zombie? Nah, nevermind. If these “plot devices” leads us to an epic ending, then by all means, be absurd as much as you can Kabaneri.

Anyways, It’s been a rough ride, fellas, and despite Kabaneri‘s ups and downs, the trip was truly entertaining. Will we see a happily-ever-after ending? Is Biba feeling regret? Will we ever see Mumei eat rice? Will the Kurusu x Ayame ship ever sail? Kabaneri is approaching its last stop, and I hope you guys will enjoy the ride until the end!

2 Replies to “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 11”

  1. They should have added more episodes for Biba as it then would have given us more of a surprise like ‘SHIT HE WAS THE VILLIAN ALL ALONG’ instead of ‘Oh thanks Ikoma for giving us the heads up!’. Like add some heart warming scenes and him laughing and smiling with Mumei or Ikoma; trying to be good friends. I would really like it if they did a solid backstory for him as I think that would be interesting to watch because it looks like he didn’t have quite a pleasant past.

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