Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 1

Psychedelic funky. That’s what I’d call Mob Psycho 100‘s debut episode. I bet most of you were waiting for this, and I’m glad to inform you that episode 1 definitely delivered. Conceived by the same creator of One Punch Man, ONE, Mob Psycho 100 is every bit the quirky and crazy stuff you can imagine. To top it off, we also have big shots working on this. We don’t need another to look to know that we’re watching Yoshimichi Kameda‘s signature style. It’s actually surprising how his brushwork strokes fit so well with the crude visuals of MP100. I believe it’s precisely because of the crude and rough visuals that his style became so easily apparent. At one point we see a normal looking Reigen, then once the the punchline kicks-in, his reaction heightens to the extreme through Kameda’s touch. The bland looking visual serves as a reference point to contrast MP100‘s tame and subdued nature, with its over-exaggerated and surreal character reactions — and this is good. The comedic timing of the jokes are in-sync with the visual presentation, which leaves us with a fluid transition from smooth-serious, to rough-funny.

There are other big names working on MP100 such as Kenji Kawai, Yuzuru Tachikawa, plus the studio BONES. I’d love to talk about them in detail but other than Kameda, another surprise came in the form of Setsuo Ito; Shigeo Kageyama (Mob — the protag)’s VA. While it’s not really unheard of for a studio to hire a new talent, doing so can be risky but is something that pays off double if successful. The choice to go with a newcomer sounds to be the most reasonable option given that having a new voice take on Mob, a relatively unknown dude himself, should give us a natural sense of “getting to know” the character. Normally, character development can usually be seen in character choices, interactions, reactions, etc. however, his/her voice may stay the same. You know what Kana Hanazawa sounds like when she’s going full moe, full tsundere, or full kinky for that matter, but we don’t know yet what Setsuo Ito will sound like until we get to know Mob himself further. The VA grows with the character, so they say, and Setsuo is so far nailing his portrayal of Mob.

All right. So Mob Psycho 100 looks good on paper, debut was a blast… but did I enjoy it? Honestly, not so much as most people did. While I appreciate and like what I’m seeing so far, there’s just something missing with the episode. It lacks a finisher. You see, visuals, music, characters, punchline, premise were all great, but I feel like it’s missing the cherry on top. The episode ended in this rather underwhelming encounter of Mob and the final boss ghost through flashy display of… colors. Reigen had silly names for his attacks, but Mob had none. It’s cool and flashy, but I didn’t really understand how Mob was able to beat that spirit. Without an ultra-awesome funtastic finishing blow, it only made the scene forgettable. Saitama ends every fight with one fucking bad-ass punch, Gurren Laggan and Kill la Kill had friggin cool poses, Mob had… well, psychic powers which is depicted by colors. Cool? Aye. Kick ass and memorable? Nay. Suffice to say, it’s just the first episode and we haven’t really seen the full potential of Mob. So I guess next time, then? Surely, yes.

Let’s talk about the characters, shall we? We seem to have a fairly huge cast of characters. Reigen and Mob is a fantastic duo. I could’ve very well mistaken them for a pair doing a boke and tsukkomi routine if not for the fact that it’s only Reigen alone who’s doing the routine himself. The chemistry between the two is by far a great source of comedic relief, though I’m finding most of my giggles from Reigen’s silly antics. Aside from Reigen, I’m constantly laughing at how stupid and random the things are with MP100. There were butt-chins, rootcrop faced girls, riders who died slipping from a banana peel, cockroaches and stuff… ONE’s humor is really, really weird and random — but I like it. It just proves how wide his imaginations are on-screen. With MP100, the wilder it gets, the better.

Short thoughts to end this post:

  • Seriously, does ONE have a fetish for buttchins?
  • OP was great. Probably one of my favorite this season.
  • I still can’t get enough of those girls with rootcrop heads.
  • Well, we have salt in our kitchen. Can I become an exorcist too?

I guess that’s it for this week! I can’t wait for more characters to pop up in this show. The more, the merrier! See you guys on the next episode!

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