Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 3

This week’s ToZX is definitely a lot better in terms of pacing, composition, and substance — which is a good news because I was close to dropping the show if it continued to drag on for too long. I’m guessing this post will be quite short, as episode 3 wraps things up with the preparation of the characters, the world, and the narrative.

Here’s an Alisha to begin with.

Ready your Pokemon Go backpacks and jugs because we’re going on a journey, folks! I think it’s fair to say that the adventure is just starting (finally), now that we have some sort of knowledge on what’s happening, what the next goal should be, who’s who and what’s what. Oddly enough, Alisha is edging to be my favorite character on ToZX, rather than the front figure, Sorey. Sorey and Mikleo’s duo is fun and all but there’s just something about Alisha that really wants me to cheer her on. Her unyielding optimism for her belief amidst everything that has happened to her is admirable, but from time to time, one can’t help but feel jelly in face of uncertainties. She’s lost — literally and figuratively. The scene with Alisha handing over the Shepherd’s crest/gloves to Sorey felt even more heavy, after hearing her talk about how she still believes about the existence of the Shepherd, and that she assumes it has to be someone like Sorey. Maybe she isn’t lost afterall. The fact that she’s still clinging  on that small thread of hope, and her meeting with the supposedly non-existent seraphims means that she’s on the right track — she just doesn’t know it. Her character and background reeks “princess in distress”, but I beg to say otherwise.

We also had a deeper look at Sorey and Mikleo’s duo in this episode. Despite the difference on their pedigree, it’s really nice to see two people of difference race be this close together. Sorey is human, whilst Mikleo is a seraphim. Normally, a human shouldn’t be able to see or feel the presence of a seraphim. Sorey is an exception as he may have been exposed to them for too long, but I guess that’s just the story foreshadowing Sorey’s role in the narrative. I really don’t have anything to say about their tandem at this point of the show. I can say something cliche but… c’mon, it already is cliche. It goes without saying that we should treat everyone else as our equal, regardless of gender, skin, color, or whatever, and that’s what I believe we can draw conclusion from the these young boys.

Perhaps what surprised me this episode is gramps. I easily dismissed him last episode because he never really did anything that time, but the show did a great job at portraying him as an intimidating, powerful, kindhearted old man. The way he gave a warning “thump” with his shoes to fend off the hellion was pretty cool and scary. It reminds me of those days when dad would rub on his beard when he’s starting to get annoyed — trust me don’t get on the wrong side of old men doing these things. There is more to him than just a decrepit sage, and his 5-7 minute screentime was used effectively to establish him as someone important on ToZX‘s narrative.

Short thoughts:

  • Alisha looks hot with her hair down (I think she’s already awesome by default).
  • That preview skit was great! You really get to feel how close Sorey and Mikleo are.
  • ufotable deserves an A+ with the scenery porn.
  • The action part wasn’t particular outstanding, but it still is something.

Pacing was great, we got a lot of substance and meat, we had some cool action, the production value looks terrific even after 3 weeks in… I’d say this episode was by far ToZX‘s best. At least it gave a reason for the remaining viewers to stay tuned next week, and see where the adventure will take our heroes to. Which reminds me… next episode is going to be about LadyLake — and that means Lailah! Woohoo!





8 Replies to “Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 3”

    1. Yep. Though if they are going to stick 100% to the source, they shouldn’t have shown the revelations and spoilers on episode 1 (epilogue). It kinda defeated the purpose of that character’s mysterious back-story. I’m guessing that they’ll be putting more Alisha in the screen unlike in the game, but will still stick to the main narrative.


  1. Yeah Alisha is already my favourite character. And she looks good too. Will she be replaced by Velvet should she show up. I’m in a weird position, I’ve got the game, but not played it xDD.


    1. I’m not really sure how Velvet will fit in Zestiria, honestly. As for Alisha, based on how everything is going so far, she might have more screentime in this anime than she had in the game.

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  2. Since this is the end of the Elysium part, aka the prologue, I can say it was done well. I will say the boss fight against Lunarre was done better in the Zestiria OVA though showing us a portion of Gramps’ power was a nice touch,

    Also yes, the post-ED episode previews being vintage Tales skits gets an A+ from me.


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