Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 2

That was a fun and entertaining episode! Mob Psycho 100 welcomes us to its feverish world in episode 1, whilst episode 2 shifts its view to Mob… undergoing puberty. Straightforward and subtle, MP100 isn’t just an eye-candy.

Despite his generic and boring looks, Mob is actually a pretty diverse and interesting character himself. He reminds me of a blank canvas, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing noteworthy to look at the said empty space. A blank canvas can be anything it wants to be, and that’s just how Mob is. I admit. Mob, by default, is boring as a hero character. However, it’s those times when he genuinely uses his abilities to good use, and times where he steps up his ante to break the status quo that he becomes more than a one-dimensional character.

Adolescence, to put it in my own words, is a phase in our life wherein we develop a taste or interest for something. To others, it can be an inclination towards a certain genre of music, anime, a sport, or anything. To Mob, it’s attraction to the opposite sex. In retrospect, we don’t really need to try that hard to think of something we want to do. Simply ask yourself what makes you smile the most/make makes you happy. I believe that was the first time I saw Mob smile genuinely — and a genuine smile born out of puppy love is darn sweet, kid. See? Mob isn’t boring at all. He’s an uber OP psychic who happens to be a hopeless romantic! In my case though, I got into video games a lot during his age. Why? Well, it simply is what I wanted to do at that time — it makes me happy. Screw homeworks! Screw dishes! Be. Who. You. Are. Paint your own canvas. You can only be a teenager once, after all. Kinda sounds like mob psychology, don’t you think?

Rightfully so, the same can be said about MP100‘s quirky nature. By default, MP100 is static– boring even. However, my impression that it’s a blank space makes up for its stagnant display. Now, I’m not an art connoisseur here or anything but I can pretty much make a blind guess that there were a lot of techniques used in this episode (and the first) to keep the bizarre level up: abstract, surreal, oil-painting, moe, or whatever shit you call that; MP100 is a mishmash of creativity convulted into one coherent painting. This trait doesn’t only limit itself to the visual presentation, but it also applies to its composition/directing. Of course this can be attributed to Tachikawa’s touch but one can’t simply ignore how the anime adaptation truly evolved from its source. Remember the cuts with Mob and Reigen speaking over the phone and how they divided the screen to depict the back and forth conversation between the two? That was cool and effective — something we rarely see from shows nowadays.

On a different note, Reigen is more than what he looks to be. He isn’t just a con-man. Okay, he is, but what surprised me is despite how goofy he is, he was actually able to make a sound and logical advise to Mob — something that you don’t expect to hear from a person whose profession is to trick people. Well, he may just be doing that in order not to lose Mob as a sidekick but still… Anyways, in that instance, his character immediately becomes even more substantial, and questions popped into my head: he knew the club is a con itself, so was he either saving Mob from making the wrong choice, or was it simply to keep his business running (can be both, I guess)? Why did he become a con-artist, an exorcist for that matter, in the first place? He can be a masseur! Perhaps he wanted to be a real exorcist as a kid, and even as he grew up, he still chased after his dreamed profession — he’s doing what he wanted to do, even though he clearly doesn’t have the talent for it. Welp! Maybe I’m reading too deep into his character but, hey, he’s a major personality in MP100 and I can’t imagine ONE designing him as a dude who’s just in it for the money.

Short thoughts:

  • I totally face-palmed during that last punchline with Mob joining the Body Development club. I was totally expecting him to join the Telepathy club although I guess every 12 year old who wants to impress a girl would want to look good in front of her, aye? Or perhaps I think Mob is misunderstanding something here… can you guess what?
  • I did mention on one of my tweets before that MP100 would be a hit if it airs on my country’s local tv stations, and this episode solidified that claim. Majority of the viewers here are aged 12-16 and Mob is a great MC given how relateable he is.
  • Can’t wait till Mob reaches 100. The slow build-up really gives a sort of tension worth looking forward to.
  • Do read this interview of ONE and director Tachikawa re the anime. It’s pretty fun.
  • I’m totally excited for that dude with blonde hair. Seems to me they’ll be doing a psychic vs. psychic battle within this cour.

I love how ONE and Murata are so hyped with this adaptation and I can only imagine how fulfilling it is for ONE to see these characters move on the big screen. It does seem like the everyone working on the show is having a lot of fun — Tachikawa, specially! Anyways, I guess I’ll be seeing you guys next week!


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