Amanchu! – Episode 3

I noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about Amanchu! figuratively in my previous posts. Then again, I believe that’s the closest way I can truly describe the beauty within this show.

While it’s obvious that Amanchu!‘s visuals are aesthetically elegant, the beauty it managed to capture in this episode is the connection between Pikari and Teko. I mentioned during my first episode post that Amanchu!‘s selling point is that it will be a “fresh start”, in contrast to other similar iyashikei shows there are. Meaning, we’ll see how our two main characters develop from strangers, to close friends and so on. As expected, that’s what we got; unexpectedly, it was a lot better than what I first imagined it to be.

The episode is again divided into two parts — both of which revolves around the characterization of Teko and Pikari as individuals and as a pair. Now, I do love how they initially colored Teko’s surrounding as dull and gray to convey her own uncertainties and lack of enthusiasm. It easily contrasts the atmosphere every time she is placed alongside Pikari’s bright and optimistic attitude, that it has become apparent just how much impact her new-found friend brings to her own perspective. Though, on the plus side, it’s not entirely all about Teko, as Pikari actually has a lot of interesting stuff going on with her which is further highlighted by how Amanchu! stages her in frames. Technical aspects aside, I’d love to talk about the characters for now.

Surprisingly, despite her genki personality, Yotsuba Pikari is actually a shy and non-vocal person herself. I do have a hunch that Pikari uses her whistle to convey what she wants to say — it’s just that no one understands what she really meant. It’s funny and odd, but it gave more depth to Pikari’s characteristics rather than a one-dimensional character. In all honestly, everyone can use a friend like Pikari. I feel like her charm does not only come from her contagious care-free attitude, but it’s also with how thoughtful she is with Teko. Pikari isn’t good with words, that’s why she’d rather take the effort to show it first, then do the explanations later. It reminds me of one of the joys we can find when writing someone a letter — a snail mail — rather than sending a brief text message. It’s the extra effort we appreciate from things we often-times disregard because of how convenient life has become. Kinda like with episode 2, wherein Pikari took the long route to school while Teko rode her scooter. Yes, I know. I may be reading too much into it, but it fits so well with the theme and the message the show is trying to convey.

So far, the unspoken beauty of Amanchu! profess itself through the beginning of friendship between Pikari and Teko. They just started walking back home together, yet they’ve already found a great place ornamented by a sakura tree. It’s also just the start of their term, and they’ve quickly established a sobriquet for each other. None of these would have happened if without the inherent chemistry between the two. Sure, anyone can be friends so long as they share a common denominator or a point of interest. However, that only makes the unusual friendship born between Pikari and Teko even more gratifying to watch. It’s not everyday we see a proof of “polar opposites attract” in real life, but it’s such a joy to watch an unlikely duo come to terms with each other even in anime. Take for example Katori-sensei and Pikari. They quickly became acquainted with each other to the point of the former calling the latter by her nickname, and that’s made possible because, well, they’re both divers. Teko, on the other hand, is a complete flip-side, yet she made up for the lack of commonality by taking her own giant stride — even if it’s just a small dip in the pool.

Short thoughts:

  • In a way, Teko is like a sponge absorbing every bit of positive vibes from Pikari. Amanchu! sure doesn’t run out of figurative language, eh.
  • Or, like, Teko is being caught up in the current! Okay, I’ll stop.
  • Katori-sensei is hot.
  • They make it sound like scuba is a terrifying sport but it is indeed dangerous. I still don’t feel like giving it a shot though.
  • “Just keep breathing.” Eh, this metaphor is pretty self-explanatory.

3 episodes in and Amanchu! isn’t slowing down a bit. We’ve seen enough Teko and Pikari to warrant an introduction of a new character which is exactly what we’ll get next week! Until then!

2 Replies to “Amanchu! – Episode 3”

  1. I do love this post. It really captures the essence of the show. Just like the ocean, it is vast and never ending. Where it begins, no one knows. Where it ends, no one knows. That’s how I can describe Pikari and Teko friendship. Using the ocean as an analogy. Keep up the posts!! :D.

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    1. Good insight there! And yes, I agree. There really is a lot we can translate figuratively from this show, which is exactly what it wants us to do with how we view our life.

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