Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 5

From here on out, Tales of Zestiria the X enters unknown territory. What I’ve noticed whilst blogging about this show is that I’m not that blown away with scenes I already knew from the game, but rather it’s with the anime-original inclusions that keeps me hooked and intrigued with this adaptation. Thus, just like Sorey and his companions, the threat of a sudden incoming storm is as unexpected as it is for everyone.

While I’m pretty sure that the narrative will still follow the same line it had in the game, these detours or new surprises are a welcoming and fresh attempt to keep both viewers who are familiar with the source and those who are not engaged with the show. I’m not really sure how the newcomers are finding the adaptation thus far, but a visit at reddit makes it easily apparent that… well, some are just in it for the visuals. That’s pretty sad to hear, given that ToZX‘s plot is pretty simple — it’s just that the show is trying to make it sound complex and all over the place (or possibly they’re stretching it thin given that ToZX is a 2-cour).

A clear and defining difference from this adaptation and its source is on how they take the sense of urgency/threat into another level. Lady Lake’s malevolence in the game doesn’t look that dangerous and threatening at all, and it never really posed any signs of lasting impact nor impression for its residence nor for the player. With ToZX, however, they even went all the way to bring a storm into the city — possibly introducing the Lord of Calamity himself — and instantly raised the bar of what the malevolence’s implications are. For a story the revolves around the battle of good vs. evil, introducing a seemingly insurmountable hurdle early on is a great way to depict how tremendous and strong the opposing side we are up against is. What easier way to do that than to bring in a threat (from episode 1) that we knew could destroy a whole village? It sets the stakes on the table, and makes up for good entertainment value.

I knew it was coming — no, not the storm — but seeing Sorey and his friends interact with each other again in good nature is truly a treat to watch. Heck, we’re actually seeing our favorite characters make new faces that we thought doesn’t exist! We haven’t gotten a taste of Lailah’s pun yet, but seeing her pout should be enough to keep me hyped until next week. In a way, their brief and care-free banters contrasts well against the impending threat looming in ToZX‘s world. It reminds me of how a player rests at an inn, sits back, enjoys the BGM, talks to NPCs before heading out to the dungeon for another day of do-or-die excursion. Sorey’s party is just warming up, and even early on out we should be able to imagine how lively and bombastic their gang will be once the remaining casts has been introduced. Of course, the best thing about this is that the thought of unfotable incorporating Alisha into their crew, instead of putting her out of the limelight like what the game did. I’m not saying an avid fan of her — I like her character but Lailah is still based — what I’m saying is that it’s interesting how the anime-original changes will turn out to be.

Short thoughts:

  • I heard that Velvet from Tales of Berseria is making a cameo next episode. I’m hyped. What are the chances that she’s the main villain?
  • To be honest, I’m only impressed with the background art when it comes to ToZX’s visuals. There are instances wherein the characters felt disconnected to the surroundings — kinda like a cut-out put against a background drawing.
  • Oh, hey. A Mikleo x Alisha ship is actually a good idea.

Well, I’d say the adaptation is… so-so. It’s pretty good, but not bad either. The pace is indeed slow though judging by how the story in-game went, I’d say they’re doing a great job at cutting to the important/necessary parts of the narrative. I really can’t wait for next week though. Until then!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s that pouting Lailah you may want to save in your treasure folder.



5 Replies to “Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 5”

  1. I haven’t played the game so I have nothing to compare it to, but they really are going all out to make us feel there is some danger here and things are about to get very bad. I’m really enjoying this so far (after the prologue which didn’t do much for me but now I’m seeing it was kind of important). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. I’m glad to know someone who hasn’t played the game is still enjoying the anime!

      The atmosphere and the threat presented in the game felt subdued when compared to the anime. I’d say the adaptation’s take on it is even better.

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  2. The scene at Alisha’s Veranda was the highlight of the episode, just like in the game.

    The whole Ladylake section of the early parts of the game were admittedly its weakest. I felt it started getting good and we got to see the real urgency of the world when the gang went to Marlind.


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