Amanchu! – Episode 5

As someone who hasn’t been in a club during my academic years, Amanchu! makes me regret being part of the Go Home peeps. Well, yeah. I did actually join a club during college but… I never really attended any meetings or much worse had the chance to introduce myself to my supposedly club mates. Oh, boy. How uneventful school must have been if Teko stayed as a landlubber.

Amanchu! takes a breather this episode and instead had a blast with normal club activities. Pretty typical slice of life stuff, though on Amanchu!‘s standard, they went full loco this week and hyping things up with the cast’s derpiness. I’m not insinuating that it’s a bad thing, in fact, having an upbeat episode along with introducing new characters are just what this show needed at this point of the season. In a way, it’s almost feels like a strenuous exercise after a relaxing dip in the hot spring. In a way, episode 5’s structure is very much the same with episode 2’s high and low pay-off.


Teko and Pikari’s relationship is obviously starting to close the gap compared to the past episodes, and they even went all the way from calling each other as soul sisters — a habit I usually do too with anyone who dares to  become my partner in crime. They’re… still practically polar opposites though but that’s exactly what makes them a fun combination to begin with. They remind me of a relationship between ballroom dancers — the leader and the follower. That’s an equivalent to an avid shipper answering seme and uke, and it’s not entirely wrong; it’s just that I feel like the latter term is more appropriate for the Nishinoya twins — our new characters.

Ai Nishinoya, the older of the twins, proved that she is indeed going to be my favorite character in this series. Her wild yet elegant character design nails every bit of her explosive attitude. I’m a sucker for twin-tails, more so to twin-tails that enhances a character’s personality and at the same time gives them a unique trait that sets them apart from other twin-tail wannabees. Makoto, the younger of the twins, shares my sympathy for being the last born. Though, I really have to wonder if the myth behind whoever is born first is entitled to dominance hold water even in the case of twins.

I guess the last  thing I would like to talk about is how Amanchu! characterizes its characters through various ways. Funny enough, Ai’s jab at calling Teko and Pikari as bloomers and panties makes sense if you think about it. Teko as bloomers reflects how pure and reserved of a person she is (bloomers are pure!), whilst Pikari as pantsu calls for her daring nature. The characterization doesn’t only limit itself with the name calling, as the muppet faces is in service of this rather than a simple running-gag in the series. Teko’s saucer eyes and wide grin suggests childish bewilderment; Teko’s scribbled frown suggests uncertainty; Ai’s monkey look (read: >:3) can equate to her mischievousness; and Makoto’s plain face entails a serious and calm demeanor. These little details contribute as a whole to make each of them memorable, an inherent illness slow-paced slice life shows suffer from.

Short thoughts:

  • Love how they give Teko and Pikari different hairstyles each episode. Just further proof that Kozue Amano has great fashion sense.
  • Isn’t what Pikari is singing from the start of the show the same thing Akari sang in Aria?
  • Why is Cha licking Pikari’s face? I didn’t know cats like salty stuff.

We’re almost halfway through the season and Amanchu! is easily one of the most consistent contender for the top 3. While there really isn’t anything new that demands huge attention every new episode, having a consistent quality like this is a good sign and serves as a means for me to watch this show without failing to get what I wanted. I’ll see you guys next week, then!


One Reply to “Amanchu! – Episode 5”

  1. It could have been cool being part of a club but alas I too had skipped this. At least I had a clique I was a part of.
    Ai and Makoto are decent additions to the show.
    Very good observation with the bloomers and pantsu comparisons between Teko and Pikari.

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