Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 6

Following the explosive finisher we had last episode is yet another heavy build up of hype this week. I can barely contain my curiosity on what’s going to happen next! At this rate, I’m seriously considering catching up in the manga.


Episode 6 is thick with character development and progression, as the stress doesn’t only limit itself to Mob, but it also extend to the people surrounding him. Such diversity of personality to touch upon is one of MP100‘s strengths and it also acts as a means to keep the narrative and the characters intriguing more than what we normally expect from their surface trope/archetype. Ritsu, for one, is the ideal, prim and proper student — handsome, smart, athletic — he’s every bit the person Mob aspires to be. Mob simply wanted to be popular without using his psychic powers, and that’s exactly what Ritsu is doing. However, on the other hand, beneath Ritsu’s calm demeanor is a brewing pot of insecurity towards his brother’s special ability. He admires this part of Mob, almost to the point of worship, yet, at the same time, he strives to do what seems to be the impossible as depicted through his determination to bend a spoon. All of the stress that has been building up inside Ritsu is probably what led his own powers to manifest itself. Sorta like how Mob’s limiter “explodes”. If Ritsu has his own limiter, I’d say he’s about a quarter deep in dangerous territory. I’m totally excited to see how the brothers’ encounter will pan out.

Ritsu wasn’t the only focus this week. Tome, Onigawara, and a bunch of new characters are introduced, too. Ironically, the inferiority complex doesn’t only apply to Ritsu, but it actually does present itself to almost every character here in MP100. Shinji, the devious student council president, is a prime example, and stood as an appropriate parallel to Ritsu’s own internal struggle. I’m not sure if Shinji’s motives for his mischief was explained, but given what I’ve seen, it’s possible that he’s either doing it as a means to relieve his own stress, or to build a character his older brother can be proud of.

Peer pressure, expectations, self-esteem, image… all of which plays a part in shaping our personality which we eventually bring with us to adulthood. It’s only a matter of whether or not these influences will affect you positively, negatively, or not at all. Of course, the kid in us has no way of knowing how the world of the wise works, thus we take it upon ourselves to decide what’s best in a given situation. MP100 peeks at the rotten core of our being, and deftly displays this causality in its narrative. Normally, I would’ve disregard Shinji as a one-dimentional stupid ass character, but seeing that he had a reason to be a jerk — albeit a wrong one — I have to feel sorry for this guy who’s getting emotionally and psychologically crushed by his environment. It’s a testament to the saying that everyone is fighting his own battle. Sadly, a considerable number of pre-teens loses this battle of adolescences and maturity.

Such is why the presence of Reigen — the best boy — is a saving grace for Mob. No, he isn’t just a con-man. Labeling him as a flat-out fraud is the same as stereotyping Mob and the others. For all I know, looking past his silly antics, Reigen is surprisingly the most mature person out of every character in MP100, and right on cue, he offers yet another sane and grounded advise to the conflicted Mob this episode. Someone who can actually talk sense in you when you’re in the middle of a breakdown is a god-send. If not for Reigen, perhaps Mob would’ve been like Teru, relying in his abilities for his own personal gain. Sure, Reigen is a master of deceiving clients, but then again, it only means that he has utmost confidence that people will trust him. In fact, he manages to satisfy his clients even through unconventional means. It’s still a win-win, so long as the problem is solved, right?


I made a prior claim that Mezato is the best girl, and now I would like to take it back. It’s not because I was turned off or anything, it’s just that Tome won me over this episode. There’s a somewhat ambiguous contrast between Tome and Mezato in MP100, wherein Mezato plays the chaotic neutral alignment, and Tome places in true neutral. Mezato, a newspaper club member, is in it for the scoop. Tome, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that serious with using Mob for her own personal gain of… communicating with aliens. Thus, her “date” with Mob turned from a serious adventure of identifying espers, to a funny, laid-back moment of spotting cool hairdos in public. Maybe Tome is just dumb-witted, though I don’t feel like that’s the case, given that anyone can go gaga over something they’re passionate about. Perhaps she really does genuinely accept and respect Mob for what he is. Whatever it is, I’m really loving their chemistry together. Sorry, Mezato, but a MobxTome has greener pastures!

Short thoughts:

  • Onigawara breaking free from his trope: Despite being a “delinquent”, he hasn’t been absent nor late for any class for the last 2-ye — Nevermind.
  • Shinji breaking free from his trope: Class president is actually a dirty, scheming, little mofo.
  • Girl that got an upskirt moment — Onigawara’s dreams has been shattered. In the worse possible way.
  • Tome breaking free from her trope — Lazy? Nah! She’s very passionate about  her ideals. Oh, look! A mohawk! Okay, she’s lazy.
  • Teru breaking free from his trope — Ikemen. Not until you see his bald top and silly poses.
  • There are a lot of subversive character personality in MP100, but this particular episode seems to be using this theme heavily. Every character has more substance to them than what they offer at first glance. So no, please don’t decide that Reigen is simply a fraud taking advantage of poor Mob with no depth whatsoever.
  • Looks like the hooded figure is Mob’s next opponent… or perhaps it’s going to be Ritsu.
  • The pacing is a tad fast. Didn’t hate it though.

MP100, despite having no action stuff whatsoever this episode, packs a very substantial material to dissect week by week. I’m really having a blast blogging and watching this show. Perhaps I’ll go read the manga…

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