Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 8


I honestly don’t know what to make of this episode. While it’s nice to have Sorey and the crew back on center stage, it would’ve been a much better welcome party if the hype the storm — and Velvet’s advertisement — built up hadn’t been so… anti-climatic and underwhelming.

Yes, I get it. Again, I’m led to believe that the main purpose of the storm — which we later find out is a dragon — had only been in service of ramping the hype up for the upcoming Berseria episodes, leaving Sorey’s consortium with literally nothing but dust. However, in retrospect, it does make perfect sense for the producers, or whoever thought this crap up, to insert Berseria at that point of the anime. Now, it may sound like I’m taking a jab and blaming Berseria for this messy episode, but I’m really not. The least thing ToZX could’ve done to salvage the pseudo-hype they created is to actually give us a competent follow-up.


Episode 8 went fast; the pacing is all over the place, the transitions doesn’t make sense. In one instance, we have a lighthearted moment with Lailah, Sorey, and Alisha. The next, an alien-looking hellion attacked — this sequence of event was over within 1-2 minutes. Additionally, the rushed transitions led to the music cutting off abruptly, and didn’t help at all in building the mood/atmosphere the scene would like to depict. It’s like someone yelled at my face before I even get to the good part in Bach’s Cello Suite No.1.

Another gripe I had is with Mikleo’s chase scene at the end. Point 1 shows him entering a forest. Point 2 shows him leaving the forest — this was over within 5-10 seconds give or take. The resulting experience ended with no depth, causing me to question whether or not the width of that forest was only 5-meters. A much better way of eliciting a sense of perspective or urgency in this scene would have been Mikleo entering point A -> showing him inside point A -> then leaving point A to enter point B. Doing so adds context to what’s happening. I’m know I’m being pedantic here, but when these little inconsistencies are stacked onto one another, it’s harder to notice much less ignore them.


On a different note, rushing the progression seems like the only way for ToZX to get to the good part without dragging for too long. I mean, they’ve covered a lot of stuff this week by doing so. Of course, those pieces were just dialogues between characters and there doesn’t seem to be any important encounter left out. In fact, if I have to give a positive point to ToZX, it’s going to be with how they mapped the plot points out. I have to admit, I realized how disorganized the game’s progression is compared to the anime after I mentally compared the two. Still, the presentation is understandably different given the difference in medium. Omitting the side-quests leaves us with nothing but the necessary stuff which is what we’re seeing now in this adaptation.

Short thoughts:

  • Another short post. Nothing substantial to note aside from the change in Mikleo’s reason for leaving, which I think is an improvement from the source.
  • Why no Lailah puns yet.
  • Another best girl coming next episode. At least we get to see her sooner than later.
  • Kinda cute that Lailah has a cat’s tongue even though she’s a Seraph of fire.

Now that the fat has been trimmed, perhaps we’ll see a well-constructed episode next week? Maybe. Maybe not. As much as I love the characters and the changes ToZX is exhibiting, the execution leaves much to be desired. The following episode is going to be a bit of a blast, though I can’t look forward to it with gusto anymore given at how bad the aftertaste this week’s ToZX left me.

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  1. I kind of liked the fast pace this week, given I was a little bitter about leaving Velvet behind. It at least kept me distracted and made me want to know where all these characters were going and why, so I quite enjoyed the episode. Thanks for sharing.

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