Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 7

They may be brothers, but the similarities can only go so far. Mob Psycho 100 delivers yet again with another satisfying episode that ended in yet again another cliffhanger. Oh, boy.


You know what, Ritsu reminds me of basically any troll on the skin of the Earth who happened to learn about internet. He may be smart, but he sure isn’t wise enough for his age. That’s not to blame him though. Puberty is very well be the exact phase in our life wherein we are influenced by our surroundings the most. Pressure is a miasma slowly building itself up inside us only waiting for its chance to show its true colors. How we deal with it will be thrown into our brew of ideals, perspective, emotions,  possibly resulting into a grotesque form of personality. I did a guess a few episodes back exclaiming that Ritsu is completely isolated from the pressure his older brother is experiencing — he has, after all, the complete “cool teenager” package — and I have never been so wrong. In a way, I also restricted his character with my own standards, disregarding what he feels from such distinction. For him, Mob is what it means to be cool. Psychic ability is what it means to be hip. An iron hand is what it means to impose justice.

Ritsu’s contrast with his older brother is losing its transparency. He has a twisted ideal of what he can do with his new-found ability — he only needed more power in order to be what Mob wasn’t able to be. His image of a prim and proper student had only been a facade — a limit restraining him of what he thirsts to do. However, breaking that image, that limit, last episode brought forth his own psychic explosion. The worst part here is — as explained by Dimples — in order to strengthen his powers, he basically has to harbor negative emotions even further. Thus, he’s given a choice: bite the apple, or not. Unfortunately, he chose the former, and this resulted in physical harm the which Mob would would immediately disagree with.


I am still a staunch believer that Reigen is the most — if not, one of the — mature person in MP100‘s universe. That scene wherein he is conning another con reminded me of a contrast between him and Ritsu. Ritsu was presented with power, and he chose to wield that power even though he’s fully aware that what he’s doing is wrong. Reigen, on the other hand, has his natural charm and charisma he uses to “help” his clients genuinely (oh the irony) even though he’s fully aware that what he’s doing is wrong. Reigen could’ve been a much worse con artist given his talent. Heck, his office could’ve been in a high-rise apartment in LA if he chose to fully take advantage of his clients. But he didn’t. He has a knife, and he knows how to use it. He may be earning his living through an unconventional way, but at the end of the day no one gets harmed — the problem is solved regardless of his means. He is an adult — a mature one — who knows what to say, what to do, in a given situation without seemingly inflicting any damage whatsoever. He trudges the world through his own human abilities alone. He isn’t famous, sure. He isn’t as cool as Teru, sure. He isn’t as marbled as the Body Improvement Club, sure. Then again, do we really have to build that image for ourselves to live? Don’t we have the intellect we can use to go about our daily problems and issues? Well, that’s just how I see Reigen, and following this line of thought makes perfect sense why he deserves the title of a mentor to Mob. He’s good shit awesome.

Short thoughts:

  • There are a lot of contrasts we can draw in MP100. I believe I already touched upon Tome and Mezato’s last episodes but I feel like it can be a broad topic to broach.
  • That preview.
  • Hooded figure seems like he’s owning Mob. What. How.
  • In all honesty, Ritsu would be a perfect candidate for an end-game boss.
  • Shinji had the power too, but he paid for it big time. I can’t really blame these little kids though.
  • I’ve committed my own fair share of misconduct when I was young and Ritsu’s monologue at the end rings true. When people stray from the right path, there usually isn’t an actual reason.
  • Technically another great episode. The visual story-telling had been superb ever since episode 1. I would love to elaborate on those but… the sakuga blogs should be the go to place for that matter.

Another week, another great episode. Are we sold now that this is Summer’s best? I sure am. I’ll see you guys next episode!

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