Amanchu! – Episode 8


Episode 8 is as straightforward as it can get. Divided into two parts like with previous episodes, we get to see more of the Diving Club’s members’ personality through each of their own perspectives. I’ll say this as early as now: I’m glad I chose Ai as best girl.

Both halves of this episode was rather simple, yet, what stood out to me the most is the twins’ segment. Much to my surprise, this new-found side to Ai caught me off-guard. There really wasn’t any prior evidence available that hints to this new layer to her — well, aside from her name Ai (love) — and that’s what made it even more memorable. We get to see her in a brand new light rather than just a brash and assertive character. However, in retrospect, her abashed reaction from receiving a love letter is basically what we should come to expect from a high-schooler. Instead, what separates this Ai from the previous Ai is with how she came with the conclusion of applauding the suitor’s efforts, rather than giving him a drop-kick for his blunders.

Empathy and sympathy isn’t as easy as it sounds — I say this with the experience of someone who has worked in Customer Support for years — which is why I’m surprised at how mature and genuine Ai was with her perspective specially at her age. On top of scoring Best Girl points, she has gained my admiration for understanding how nerve-wracking it is to confess to someone. Now, I wonder what would Pikari’s reaction be if she’s the one in Ai’s situation…

Musings aside, the latter part moves its focus to our main duo. Funny enough, even though the subject of this segment is Teko, it’s actually Pikari who we get to know more about. Yeah, there really wasn’t anything new to Teko this episode. The I hate losing attitude and her athleticism was already gleaned with last episode when they were all playing together. As with the case of Pikari, however, she’s in fact very perceptive and observant. This is a common trait shared amongst introverts (hurray, introverts!). Pikari, as we all know, isn’t one who is good at expressing their feelings verbally. Plus, the way she does her introspective monologue suggests someone who thinks a lot — or someone who talks a lot in their head. Perhaps the reason why she understands Teko so much is because she’s been there, done that, too? I don’t know, but it sure would be an interesting back story if that’s the case.


Short thoughts

  • Short post. Told ya it’s straightforward.
  • Ai’s blush scene was spot on. The tone and mood was slow and mellow, allowing us to get in sync with Ai’s fluffy-fluffy embarrassment. The lack of dialogue afterwards was the cherry on top. The cicadas, the clank of a baseball bat added to the atmosphere of Spring — an in-joke for youthful romance.
  • We also get to see a new side of Makoto this week. He looks like someone who’s tidy and collected, yet his locker says otherwise.
  • Has Amano-sensei written a romance manga before? If she has, I’d be glad to read it.
  • I haven’t been adding metaphors ever since 4 episodes ago. Maybe I should give that more thoughts next time.

I guess that’s it for this week! I’ll see you guys next episode! Seems like we’re going to get some diving/swimming action soon. I’m almost forgetting that Amanchu! is that kind of anime.

3 Replies to “Amanchu! – Episode 8”

  1. The twins looking out for each other is cute. Makoto will become a mighty man after all those Ai kicks. Ai blushing was cute but I will only be satisfied after a swimsuit episode.

    PikaTeko is still glorious.


    1. Yeah, Pikari and Teko is seriously giving me the urge to do a fanfic. I mean, I can barely imagine Teko’s reaction if Pikari confessed to her. She’ll probably flip the hell out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As she should. Pikari can’t even contain herself whenever Teko compliments her.


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