Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 8


The climax of the Cell Saga, Roy Mustang’s incineration of Envy, the battle against the Spiral King in Gurren Lagann, Attack on Titan‘s pilot episode, Cowboy Bebop‘s Ballad of the Fallen Angels… these are just a few examples of my on-going list of favorite anime episodes. And this week, I’m glad to say that a new entry has managed to garner the same distinction.

All right. Where do I start. Every once in a while, there comes an episode that makes me stop chewing whatever I’m eating, and had me swallow it only after the credits has rolled. Goosebumps weren’t enough; I even started tearing up halfway through this episode just from the sheer epicness of it. You see, there’s this looming air of tension waiting to snap as I watched. Mob’s countdown to explosion and his love for his brother, the ambient grit of the BGM, Ritsu’s confession, an unknown enemy, ominous shots and framings… everything meshes in together to create one massive pot of hype ready to explode at any moment. The delivery that followed afterwards — Mob’s 100% burst — was nothing short of orgasmic. Every punch thrown had impact, every punch received felt excruciating. Every moment has that gravity and emotion that pulls you into what’s happening, instead of you just watching it out of entertainment. In Mob Psycho, both the sakuga and the story behind the sakuga compliments one another in a way most fight scenes do not. Here’s a great video explaining what a good fight scene is (tl;dr geography, motion, psychology), and factoring in the indicated elements into what we’ve seen in episode 8 perfectly explains my appreciation towards it.

This episode isn’t just about kicks and punches as it’s actually thick with emotions on its backdrop. The first part was a set-up with Ritsu’s raison d’etre for his obedient little brother facade. I briefly discussed last episode what I think of Ritsu’s predicament, and he easily destroyed my pre-conceived notion for his inferiority complex. His admiration is half a lie and half a truth. He is afraid of his brother’s untamed side, yet, at the same time, I feel like he still admires him for being the hero he was back then. Perhaps he simply wanted to gain power in order to be the one who becomes the savior, the hero, thus reducing the chance of his big bro unleashing what he fears the most. After all, Mob is evidently prone to bullying, and the extent to which the damage Mob’s monstrosity can inflict has already been gleaned over after his encounter with Teru.


Of course, for being the loving nii-san he is, Mob accepts Ritsu for what his decision lead him to. In turn, we’re shown that Ritsu still does have that sliver of care for his brother — Mob called it right: he is lying. At one point, Ritsu has that glare of hostility in his eyes, however, after seeing Mob get beaten to a pulp, his face contorts into that of a hapless pup. These genuine displays of affection are what became the base of emotion for every jaw-dropping second Mob is in Saiyan mode. His love for his little brother was further exemplified by the fact that protecting Ritsu precedes his iron creed of not using his psychic powers for physical harm.

Another great part I’d like to commend here is Reigen’s usual gag. It didn’t really get in the way of the aftershock of that bloody brawl; it became a much needed refresher instead after what felt like 15 minutes of holding my breath. He is fucking cool, but I start to wonder what his role will be for these last few episodes. Teru had some great character development too. He’s still the show off that he is, but seeing him change from an obnoxious brat to that of a friend to Mob was a treat to watch. See? Reigen’s teachings is spreading!

Short thoughts:

  • The sakuga was fucking amazing. It isn’t just the type of sakuga meant to make a scene look good; it’s a sakuga that can tell a story on its own. The closest description I can use to describe it is Japanese calligraphy. There’s vigor and emotion in the animation to the point that I can almost imagine the feelings of the characters and the animators oozing from my screen.
  • And when we thought Mob is invincible… well, he is but damn, I still can’t rub this goosebumps off me.
  • The VAs great work added to the intensity. Even the hooded villain sounded creepily menacing.
  • I guess the following episodes will be the final arc for this season. I’m so fucking hyped.
  • The fact that I said ‘fucking’ three times in the post is a testament to how fucking awesome this episode was. Make that four.

It’s too early to get this out of there but MP100 is going to be my anime of the season. No doubt about it. It’s honestly gearing up to be a contender for anime of the year too with how things are going! I wouldn’t be surprised if it did become nominated though. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week! Until then!

7 Replies to “Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 8”

  1. By far my favorite Mob Psycho episode. The fight scene was incredible! Just when I thought Shigeo had already reached 100% he was shown only at 80% or so at the beginning of the fight when Ritsu was taken. I haven’t read the manga, but I’m curious the extent of his powers; are they limitless? Shigeo seems to be a straightforward character but I find him complex; simply because I think it would take a lot of strength to keep one’s emotions in check as much as he does to prevent his powers from showing at full power. (Also, my name probably links to my blog is my personal one — still in progress -_- i’m trying to get into posting more….anyways i post anime more anime related topics on my friends blog…and am trying to integrate some anime related topics into my personal one)

    Great post! 😀 Can’t wait to see more!


    1. This is my favorite episode too. What’s great about it is that we have four more to go! I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next.

      Haven’t read the manga yet as well (maybe I will once this season is over). Based on what I’ve seen, Mob certainly is complex though the way they develop his character is straightforward and effective. I read something saying that Mob’s problems (the bullying, love issues etc) surfaced because he suppressed his emotions in the first place instead of accepting what he is. Then again I can’t really say for sure given that there’s a lot for the anime to cover that may shed light to his character. However the fact that he’s not easy to read is in itself a proof that he’s complex.

      Oh, hey! A fellow blogger🙂 may I ask if it’s all right to have a link of you and your friend’s blog? I lurk blogs regularly to read the stuff that’s being posted. It’s not easy being a blogger, so the best thing I can do to my fellow compatriots is to read their posts.


  2. Yeah it’s definitely not easy being a blogger. I’ve been changing directions so often on my personal one. I wanted to focus primarily on Architecture but since I’ve been into anime also I’m trying to bring the two together in my blog. Currently have an ongoing list or architecture in anime I want to write about…been working on one post for awhile; but been too busy to actually finish it. I’ve found it easier on my friends blog just because thats a platform i can talk about anime episodes and shows…i just started posting there so ..i only have 2 posts so far. We’re both busy with work so its been hard to post regularly…I’m trying to be able to post frequently as well. Here’s the site:

    Any tips on how to keep yourself posting regularly? Sorry my responses are so long! I’m going to start following you! I enjoyed this post so much!


    1. Thanks for sharing!

      As for posting regularly… it would depend on what you’re posting. Episodics are easier to post for me regularly than essays/editorials regardless of how busy I am. However, if you’re really that squeezed for time then you can either

      1) allot like an hour or a half when you’re free to write a little chunk of your post. I usually write one paragraph first, when I get bored I go back to it hours later. Alternatively, I ‘write’ a draft in my head of what I can write tomorrow or whenever before I go to sleep. Rather if you find yourself doing nothing/daydreaming, might as well think of stuff you want to talk about in your post.

      Or 2) you can divide the post into segments/parts like… ‘Architecture in Anime Pt. 1’. I know the posts will end up shorter than what you initially expect it to be but at least it relieves me the stress of completing a post in one go.

      Lastly, don’t mind the pressure! It’s part of blogging anyways. So long as you keep the passion up, it will evidently show itself on what you write.


  3. Oh – I never thought of dividing one post into separate parts. I’ve done it before, but since I’ve been trying to compose this whole long essay on one anime… it might be easier to write about them in parts since I’d be talking about multiple themes in an entire series! i was going to entitle anything related to both architecture and anime to be my “archi-anime” series so maybe it could be: “archi-anime: Ouran High School Host Club & Modernist elements” or something. These are awesome tips!!

    As for my friends blog — I told him I would write episodics starting fall 2016 season since I finally got around to posting mid summer season.

    LOL, okay so not gonna lie thanks a bunch — I kinda feel like you could be my blogging senpai — if you didnt mind the title. haha! Thanks again!


    1. Haha! I’ve only been blogging for like 3-4 months. I suggest checking other blogs and bloggers too to learn how they do things. There are a lot of great blogs out there which I’m sure you’ll find insightful. Though, thanks for the compliment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course! Yeah I’ve been poking around and reading up on different blogs. Blogging and the community is fun, especially for anime. 😀


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