Amanchu! – Episode 10

I usually get to these contemplative moods once in a while specially when an anime hits too close to home for comfort. I was even deliberating with the idea of posting something about this episode but whatever. Let’s-a-go! I guess.


Amanchu!‘s theme this week is eerily timely considering that I was at a crossroad just yesterday. Feeling lost and coming up with a decision are two sides of the same coin. We are faced with this hurdle almost everyday: from the mundane such as deciding whether to order a pizza or a burger for lunch, to life-changing decisions like quitting a job you disdain down to the last core of your being. Hitherto I’ve always thought that choosing a decision on top of the other is a sign of defeat — we can’t, after all, weigh both outcomes until we get to the point where results of your decisions become evident.

Though seeing Pikari and Amanchu! in retrospect makes me question how negative my line of thinking has been. We only lose the bet if we let it be that way — a lose some, win some situation (which is why there are times when we’d rather not choose at all). We can’t really change what the choices in front of us are; whatever is presented in front of you, you have to pick one and discard the other. We can, however, control the situation we find ourselves in. You ordered pizza and you feel guilty that you should’ve taken the burger instead? Fuck, no. Pile a slice on top of another and BAM! You’ve got yourself a pizza burger sandwich.

You see, we’re too hung-up with the past and the future that we forget that we’re over-complicating things — that we’re we get lost. This was perfectly displayed by Ane-chan deliberating first thing in the morning on what to do on her days-off. We analyze too much, too early. Compare this with the trio who found theirselves shopping for swimsuits, and later-on taking a dip in the sea. Or, even with Pikari and Teko looking for Ane-chan’s house like it’s some sort of a treasure rather than ask someone for directions. These situations presented itself almost naturally. It wasn’t on their itinerary; they simply made full use of the choices they took. Consequences be damned. What you do with your decisions will be the consequence — driving the cart ahead of the horse is obviously unproductive.

Short thoughts:

  • I hope I got my point across here.
  • Pikari’s color scheme perfectly matches that of the sunset-colored sea. Reminds me of a melon bread for some reason.
  • I guess Ane-chan’s unkept hair is a result of her not being a morning person?
  • It’s a beach episode, all right, yet it didn’t feel fan-servicey at all. They’re simply having genuine fun; the beach is in service for the characters, not us. I wish more anime would do the same.
  • Having said that, my “crossroad” doesn’t feel all that big of a deal in the end. I guess I’ll need to adapt Pikari’s positive attitude.
  • Fun fact: I have a way of getting out of tough choices regardless its scope — coin toss. No, seriously. My friend is exasperated of me because of this.

That’s it for this week, folks! A relatively short post but I hope you had a take away from it. I’ll see you guys next week!

3 Replies to “Amanchu! – Episode 10”

  1. I got a nosebleed, more PikaTeko moments and some wise words of wisdom and you got yet another epiphany inducing episode from Amanchu! I’d say it was 20+ minutes well spent.


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