Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 11


The fight for the title of Best Girl continues this week as Alisha displays her daunting resolve with style. Too bad Lailah’s still on the top of my list.

I’ll be keeping this post short as most of the good stuff happened at the end. Anyways, it was pretty good episode, all right, and I can’t help but sigh in relief at how ToZX fleshed Alisha and Sorey’s characters out this week. As what I have said on my earlier posts, the problem I have with Sorey is that he feels too bland and his motivations aren’t that clearly presented to me as the viewer (or when I was still playing the game). What’s his actions in service of? Why is he doing this? What does he feel about being a Shepherd? I had the same issue at the game, wherein it took me 30 hours to realize what’s he into. It wasn’t much, but that little exposition this episode gave Sorey a bit of a fragility and humanity into him — sorta like a window we can use to peek into and explain the rationale behind his ensuing actions. To be frank, it almost made me tear up when the scene of that lady crying in front of her husband’s(?) grave was played out. I guess this kind of emotion weren’t that present in the game, which is why I’m really glad to see it explored here (albeit just this once) in the adaptation. And yes, everything that was shown in the latter half weren’t present in the original storyline.

And then there’s Alisha. She’s a completely different character now, and I’m glad she turned out this way. It’s not because I’m a big fan of her, nor I am rearing to see them give her justice after all the bullshit she endured in and outside of the franchise. It’s just that her strong resolve is indeed a more reasonable trait for her role and not a damsel in distress who, well, became entirely irrelevant from the game’s perspective. You see, Sorey is supposed to instill the ‘power of friendship’ and ‘good prevails’ to those who surround him, yet, Alisha stayed as a passive rather than a proactive character back then. Now, if this is what the line of progression is in the source, I would say that I’d rather play this iteration than the original.

Short thoughts:

  • I laughed when Lailah piled a bunch of books on her lap so that Attak can’t sit on her.
  • Can’t believe Summer 2016’s almost over.
  • Redditors are begging to see water animation. They just got it.
  • I bursted out laughing from that Yamcha reference. Oh, god.


I’m sorry for laughing.

Well, I… that was fun. Overall a so-so episode. I just wished they explored the malevolence’s implications and/or Sorey’s motivations a bit earlier on, but hey, at least we’ve got that out of the way. Having said that, I do appreciate Sorey’s character a lot more simply because of that bit of exposition. I’ll see you guys next week!

5 Replies to “Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 11”

    1. Yeah, well, he’s still boring, but I just needed something to make me care about him and his actions on why he’s doing what he’s doing.


  1. I really liked the skit between Rose and Alisha. Rose trying to get money out of Alisha, but ends up giving the stuff away for free (ironic that she mentioned it was originally going to be free), essentially out foxing Rose xDD. Yeah I saw that bit where Lailah put books on her lap right after Attk was sitting on her.


  2. I’ve been really enjoying this given I went in knowing nothing. Sorey’s a pretty ordinary protagonist but I really like the dynamics between the characters and the little bits of dialogue that they deliver. It’s all just entertaining to watch.

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