Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 10

I believe I heard my neighbors flipping out when they saw that after-credits scene.


Or, wait… maybe it was my inner self losing it? Nah, who cares. The thing is, Reigen’s 30-second appearance totally one-upped what the rest of the episode provided. Seriously, I was talking about how far MP100‘s ceiling can reach last week, and ONE certainly delivered back with that goddamn cliffhanger. Welp. Reigen sure did steal the show… like a boss. That’s best man for you.

Now, here’s the thing though. A part of me is a bit skeptical to that cliffhanger because it’s Reigen. We all know Reigen, right? He’s a fraud. He’s unpredictable. The laws of logic doesn’t apply to him. So, what are the chances that he’s really Claw’s banchou? What are the chances that he simply used his charisma to strut his way in the hideout? I don’t know, but common sense tells me it’s the latter. After all, there weren’t really any prior indications that Reigen has psychic abilities to begin with, and that “aura” of his may just be some sort of mass hysteria that spread along the lower ranks of lackeys — take note, the small fries doesn’t have the ability to sense one’s power levels thus I feel that we should take their word with a grain of salt.

IF Reigen is indeed the Claw’s boss, then I would definitely be fine with that. It’s a game changer, sure, and it would still explain his role and connection with Mob regardless if it’s true or not. Whatever the case is, I sure am excited to see what’s in store for us next week, and what the deal really is with what’s happening.

If my hunch proves me right, however, that Reigen is just doing Reigen things then… why not? It proves to show that ONE knows how to play each character’s strengths to their fullest — something which contributes to why I far like the characters here in MP100 than with his other work. In fact, I do have a feeling that I’ll be remembering the MP100‘s characters more in the long run than with OPM‘s. MP100‘s characters are really fun to watch at, and they do have that certain and distinct personality to them that easily creates a bookmark in my head. Who each of the characters are can easily be remembered by their motivations behind their actions, why they’re doing this, what will they do in this situation or in that situation, what their personality is etc., etc., In comparison to OPM, however, the side-characters are less fleshed out than with MP100‘s even after having the same episode count (minus OPM‘s OVAs). I guess one way for me to gauge if I truly know a character is if I can imagine him/her on a different scenario, and I can say that I’m having more fun imagining Tome strapped on a rocket launcher en-route to Mars than with… say, Boros eating a ramen at a fastfood chain. I mean to say, I guess, that MP100‘s characters are more proactive with their actions — they are the ones who make a situation happen, not the other way around.

Short thoughts:

  • I’m willing to bet a whole box of pizza that Reigen’s playing the fool.
  • Eh, how did he know where Mob is anyway? The phone call?
  • I love how Mob says snarky comments even when he isn’t aware of what he just said.
  • 2 more episodes, and I’m seriously going to read the manga afterwards.
  • I feel like the last sentence in my post above is a bit vague but…

Well, then. That’s it for this week! I’ll see you next episode. So, what do you think? Willing to be that whole box of pizza or not?

10 Replies to “Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 10”

  1. I thought I was the only one.
    Regan is underrated so I belive he’s the leader of the 7th devision of claw
    He was protecting mob , what for I don’t know.


    1. That’s actually the problem. We don’t know how his being Claw’s leader fits into anything. Thinking that he’s only making a fool of everyone makes more sense. Then again it’s MP100 wherein anything can happen.


    1. I would actually be interesting to see how they play Reigen’s backstory if he turned out to be Claw’s boss. I mean, it sounds like Uchiha Itachi/Snape level of plot twist.

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  2. I don’t think Reigen is the boss of claw; but again this show can be pretty unpredictable. lol. I was bummed they didn’t show Mob’s fight against that Lady. And I probably laughed way too hard than I should have when Mob was crying “Why do I have to beat up a lady, too”. Mob’s character never ceases to surprise me. His morals and reasonings mostly come from Reigen — which is so ironic because although Mob’s being taught to be an upstanding human being by Reigen, Reigen doesn’t necessarily embody those things. Complex characters. I love this show!


    1. The way I see it, Reigen is simply teaching Mob how to be an adult (adults can be nasty and unfair at times but hey, it’s how life works; you do what you can do to live). Going by this line of thinking kinda makes sense given that it’s a show about puberty/adolescence first and foremost.

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