Anyanchu! – Episode 11

Nyan, that was cute and… a bit hard to swallow. We’ve got one more week left of Anyanchu!, and they decided to tease us with this diabetes inducing episode. Not that I hate it.


If there’s one thing you can learn about me in this post, it’s that I’m fond of cats. Meowever, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re my favorite household companion. I’d rather have a dog bath my face with their hygenically offensive saliva than a tabby please me with their purrs and ever so manipulative stares. To be honest, it’s only recently that I came to appreciate cats more than how I treated them few years back. You see, my mom has like 10 cats at her house wherein she oftentimes bring a cat or two to my place for whatever reason. I decided to adopt two of them (there’s now 4 under my care with 1 kitten sitting besides me as I write this shit up) thanks to mom’s goading ,as well as a means for me to test that theory about cats being an effective way to relieve stress.

It’s been a year since I became a father to these critters, yet I still can’t find that defining reason on why I should prefer them over dogs. Cats are less intimate; they will only come to you when they need food or — based from my experience — even a sliver of attention. Dogs, on the other hand, are more self-aware of themselves. It’s as if I was no longer the master of my house. Suffice to say, treating them sincerely with love — not one that is obligatory — wasn’t that easy as I expected, and learning to do so came the hard way. Kittens in particular have a high mortality rate. 1 out of 5 would die under our care, regardless if there’s a mommy cat or not. That’s not to say that we were lacking in nurturing them — it’s just that they’re that fragile; mom even had to do a mouth to mouth resuscitation every night a kitt gets a seizure. It was obviously difficult to watch. One day, they’re all perky and wild, and I can just imagine them dreaming to become a tiger when they grow up. The next, they’re buried six-feet deep in the backyard amidst rotting shit and worms.


Such is why watching Teko and Purrkari at their wits’ end finding a way to save a kitty out of a million was heartwarming to say the least. They didn’t take the initiative to save Hime-chan because she’s cute or anything, they did it simply because they knew how hard it is to live in a world you know nothing about. Regardless if it’s a dog, a cat, a hamster, a goldfish, or whatever, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Teko and Pikari do the same. Again, Anyanchu! showcases a lesson for empathy, something which became a vital part of how I stayed positive in those stress-filled days of mine. It is not something that is taught to you, it is something that you learn for yourself through the experiences you had and the people you crossed roads with. If perhaps, everyone of us are gifted with such ability, how would the world be like then?

On to another note, Teko and Pikari’s pairing sure have come a long way. The way they have become accustomed to each other isn’t entirely presented to us in an obvious way, as it feels like they’re progression is one that is running in the background. Teko, in particular, initially questions Pikari for doing “bad things” (from the 2nd episode). Compare that to now, she’s all gung-ho at following her partner with anything she does. We’ve only been with them for like 3 months, but I have a feeling that they know each other better than we do.


Short thoughts:

  • I always thought that cat ladies are crazy… I guess they are to a certain extent.
  • The kitten I have with me looks kinda like Hime-chan. Two gray spots on her head with a small bob tail. She/he doesn’t know how to suck my fingers though.
  • Can’t believe this season is almost over. Fall 2016 doesn’t look that good, honestly.
  • Oh, if you liked Aria and Anyanchu!, you may want to check Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou too. Though the latter is probably more ‘sliced of life’ than the former two. I’ll do a review of it, I guess.

One more episode to go, folks! Next week looks to be a diving episode! It has been forever since we had some swimming I almost forgot that this anime is about diving and stuff. Anyways, I’ll see you guys at the finale!

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