Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 12

Been a while since I’ve got hyped up for a ToZX episode.


Episode 12 stages what is actually one of my favorite part of the game (and one of the most tedious grinds I played). With the finale arriving next week, I’m pretty hyped up for what’s going to happen next given that ToZX proved that it can be liberal with its iterations (never expected Alisha getting stabbed there — good one). These changes, however great of an improvement they are, still doesn’t really change the grand scheme of things. They’re merely retelling of the parts composing the whole picture, making it more coherent to look at. However, regardless if I pretty much know what’s going to happen next, ToZX, again, does a fairly commendable job at keeping the narrative fresh for those who are familiar with the source material. It’s like when someone renovated my house; I know it’s my place, the interior is familiar, but the way the rooms are restructured is entertaining and amusing in itself despite my familiarity of its layout. However, as much as I appreciate ToZX for the good stuff it has showed me, I still can’t get to the point of recommending it to someone who hasn’t played the game… for reasons I have already explained on my previous posts.


In retrospect, I have a feeling that ToZX wanted to tell a lot of things, but ultimately falls short due to the sheer size of its world and characters. You see, there are a lot of peeps, irrelevant NPCs or not, and places here — likeable characters that seems to play an important role in the narrative, and landmarks that adds to that sense of wanderlust. One of which is Lady Maltran, who we never really get to know further aside from being Alisha’s teacher. Another is Alisha’s two female bodyguards, who sounds like they have more to tell than ‘your bewbs got bigger’ or ‘I has this crush…’ to the audience. Maldrid is actually a fun place to be at and it even have some memorable locations I loved exploring, but now it was reduced to nothing but a plot-point for the narrative. In a way, the feeling of adventure got lost by the time the lack of substantial world building became non-existent.

To some degree, I cared for the NPCs who I took the time to save from some evil ghost because I was able to invest myself in exploring their village, speak with their neighbors etc., etc., which we’ll never get to experience in the anime unless some sort of world building actually happens. I only realized this by the time Sorey held hands with that girl earlier this episode, and I started to question myself what the point is of that interaction if it’s something we won’t get to invest ourselves with in the long run. Perhaps it was meant to break the ice? Maybe it was in service of showing that these soldiers have families, friends? Whatever the case is, it’s such a shame that I didn’t get to see the full grandiose of what ToZX‘s world has to offer. If perhaps the world building was cohesive and consistent, then just maybe I’d be more enthusiastic with bothering my colleagues to watch this adaptation. It’s a Catch 22, though, considering that by trimming the narrative down to its most important plot points, ToZX can easily tell its story without fumbling through numerous details, but by doing so, it also sacrifices elements that can contribute to the journey as a whole.


Short thoughts:

  • I know I said before that I’m only looking for something that’s new, but then again, all of which can only do so far in entertaining me.
  • I’m still hyped for the last episode because Lord of Calamity, yo. Plus Alisha got stabbed. Don’t tell me they’re planning to kill her?
  • As usual, the preview skit is hilarious.
  • Even though I haven’t played the game, I’d still be bummed at the lack of world building here.
  • Rose and Alisha kicking ass together. You don’t see that often (though to be honest, I’d rather watch a girl to girl talk between them).
  • One. More. Episode. You know, ToZX is a difficult anime to blog episodically.

Another episode, another rant. ToZX has the makings of a great fantasy adventure, but… oh, well. I’ll see you folks in the last episode!

9 Replies to “Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 12”

  1. I’ve just been kind of watching week to week for the special effects and visual presentation but this episode was more entertaining than the others in my opinion. Doesn’t save the show or anything but it felt like a lot more happened and as you outlined there were a few fun scenes. If nothing else, I’m looking forward more to the season finale than I was before.

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    1. It would actually be fun to see them hang out and interact with each other or with the side characters around them, rather than being stuck with their duties. I mean, I know it’s too late to do that at this point but it’s certainly something that could’ve been done to at least flesh its world out a bit more. They’re a fun bunch to watch, which is why those silly bits and the preview skits are a godsend.

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      1. Well it’s kind of screwy because, based on the first 5 or so episodes, the show went absurdly slow and the pacing in general has not been great. Which led me to believe that they ufo was just opting to really hammer in the premise and party dynamic before actually telling a real story in the second season. Yet like you said they are all just kind of sticking to their tasks without much group intermingling. I don’t know much about the full party but maybe they’ll flesh a couple things out once we get more members involved.

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