Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 12 (END)

Mob Psycho 100 has finally come to an end, and so is my Summer 2016 blogging adventure.


Summer 2016 is probably one of the most enjoyable season there is recently. With shows like planetarian, Amanchu!, 91 Days, Rem: Zero to name a few spearheading Summer’s stacked line-up, Mob Psycho 100 stood out from the pack and distinguishes itself as this season’s best of the bests. Well, that’s what I think, anyways.

My acknowledgment of MP100 is not without justification as it showcased a consistent and entertaining performance throughout its 12 episode run evidenced by my ramblings and commentary every week. I had a lot of fun blogging about this show; every episode is satisfyingly fresh and I never really ran out of ideas to talk about. Though, I feel like there’s more to MP100 from what I’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure I’m barely scratching the surface of what comprises this amazing show. This can be atuned to the reason that I may be lacking in experience or insight, or maybe the show really is just that substantially meaty and fleshing it out is something that can’t be pieced together in one viewing. Regardless, not having a full grasp of everything MP100 has to offer is a good thing in itself as it prods me to do a rewatch for the sake of sniffing out the leftovers. Nah, I’m just making excuses here to watch the show again. Damn you, MP100.


Anyways, enough of the pampering. Episode 12 is kinda funny in a way that it subverted almost everything I was expecting for a ‘finale’. I am not the least offended nor do I find it anti-climatic, rather, I loved MP100 even more for the guts it showed at giving us one last ass pull. It’s as if ONE, and everyone who worked on this, is having a total blast in showing us how playful and entertaining anime really is.

There’s confidence in MP100. It doesn’t shy away from standards, instead, it hits the pedal and doesn’t stop until it runs out of creative juices to drain. That last bit with ONE doing the key frames (did he really draw all those keys?) was goddamn hilarious and surprising that I had to scratch my head and pause for a while with a ‘now what?’ look on my face. I felt like it was not only a homage to ONE’s artstyle, but it also tells us any style, any entity, anyone can fit into the mob/society regardless of what it is or who it is.  And that’s kinda awesome because it perfectly fits one aspect of MP100‘s thematic geography as seen through this episode.


Perhaps ONE’s manga, or more accurately the last part of this episode, is a shoutout that regardless of how people call his drawings ‘ugly’, outside criticisms/opinions shouldn’t be a cause for him not to join the Mob, the subculture of Japanese otaku fandom. ONE has a knife (read: pen), and he knows how to use it. I’m seriously so bad at drawing that the thought of me making a manga is almost a joke, and I’m pretty sure ONE had been in a similar situation, or maybe he simply had confidence in what he wanted to do. I didn’t have much confidence in blogging/writing when I first started, but what kept me motivated is that I just have to do it. If you can’t trust yourself to write one single sentence, then how can you believe in yourself that you can blog a whole season? In a way, I guess ONE became a sort of inspiration just now. Thank you, ONE. Thank you, Reigen. Thank you, MP100. Just like Mob, you have 1000% of my gratitude.


Final thoughts:

  • There’s some paradox/contradiction with what I’ve said because Reigen was specifically telling the Claw dudes to stop being childish when maybe they genuinely do want to be a “hero” of their own. Perhaps there’s maturity within self-entitlement but… this goes back to his teaching that we should learn how to use our knife. I know I’m speaking in semantics or being vague here but hey, this goes to show that MP100 really has more to offer, and a rewatch is definitely a must do!
  • Tome a cute. Will we get an arc for Tome? I hope.
  • Played us like a fool again. Reigen’s alive. Mob didn’t explode. The supposedly “loli” division boss turns out to be some cosplaying old man.
  • The real question is… will we get a season 2?
  • ONE’s key doesn’t all look that different from the rest.
  • Mob finally got noticed by his sempai! Whoo! There’s some progress here. I guess I should start building my muscles too?

That’s all, folks. I appreciate everyone who tuned in to my weekly rants and stuff this season! It’s kinda funny though that while I hold MP100 as this season’s best, it never really garnered that much comments than the other 3 I blogged about. One thing I learned about blogging is that I’d rather get more comments than views. And speaking of views, 5-6 months of blogging earned me 10k views! Ooh, must be the power of episodics.


4 Replies to “Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 12 (END)”

  1. Really enjoyed the finale and as you pointed out, while it was kind of an unconventional wrap-up, it was done so in a style so familiar to the show that it didn’t feel anti-climactic or disappointing at all. It kind of ended the show in a way that only Mop Psycho could have done. Loved the inclusion of ONE’s own art at the end. Super entertaining show and I enjoyed every minute of it.


    1. Yeah, kinda makes me think that Reigen’s presence had a lot of influence over the presentation of this show.

      I’m curious, what shows are you going to watch next season? I haven’t decided on mine yet. I think I’ll just watch whatever comes out and decide later which ones to keep.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny you should ask, now that I just finished one of my last reviews of the season, I’ve been working on my prospective post for Fall for tomorrow (So I’ll have a much better idea then haha). Classically I pick up the shows that I think I will like and just watch them all the way through but I think I’ll be sampling a lot more this coming season, hopefully dropping a lot after the first episode to figure out what I want to focus on.

        As of right now the only guaranteed shows I’ll be watching are Sangatsu no Lion, Fune wo Amu, a bunch of sequel series, and probably Yuri on Ice. I’m excited about a number of other shows and I think they look good but I’m still waffling on how committed I will be to each of them.


      2. Fune no Amu definitely caught my attention. Other than that, I’m still hesitant on covering the others. Gah, I’ll just see what I can do lol


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