Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 2

First of all, just a heads up to you, folks, recently I’ve been busy with my work and will continue to be so until who knows when. I’m deliberating whether or not to continue the episodic format for my posts. Honestly, episodic is probably… one of the most difficult way to blog about anime in comparison to series reviews or weekly impressions due to the fact that the former requires more commitment on my part. I’m not discrediting other means of blogging, as I simply had to adhere to a tighter schedule with episodics. Plus I’m not fond of spoiling what happened within an episode which is why I need to constantly milk my brain dry with ideas explaining why I felt this, or that, or whatever from what I watched.

I’m saying this as early as now, I do apologize if it may take 2-3 days before I can get a post done. I’ve yet to find a good way to manage my new schedule, but I feel like I can still keep up the episodic posts every week. Otherwise, I’ll let you know when any necessary changes happen. I doubt that I’ll change the blogging format though, given that weekly write-ups has become some sort of a habit I can’t free myself from. Not that I hate it.

Anyways, now that I’m done with the announcement, let’s get on with the relevant stuff.


Nary a dull moment was there with Yuri!!! On Ice‘s second episode. Continuing  from its bombastic premier, Y!!!OI is fast, confident, and enthusiastic. In a way, this episode’s rowdy presentation took hint from Viktor’s rule of the thumb: surprise the audience. Now, I’m not saying that Y!!!OI is giving its viewers a ride with sharp turns and curves, it’s just that the finer details I wasn’t expecting to be there were such a joy to watch that I ain’t even minding how corny or “gay” it looks like. Every sequence or event has new stuff to show from its characters: Viktor’s heart shaped smile, Yurio’s ‘not so odd’ fashion sense, the triplet’s megalomaniac attitude, wacky character expressions, even posting the pictures the characters took real-time in an official IG account! Y!!!OI has been brimming with creativity, and it doesn’t seem like it’s running out of new things to throw at us. Of course, we’re only in the second episode and it makes sense for things to feel new. Rather, it’s like I’ve seen an episode or more of this show already considering the fast and frenetic pace Y!!!OI is exhibiting.


However, I’m kinda getting some sort of anxiety towards what to expect in the coming weeks. Like, what’s going to be the central narrative or theme? What’s the end goal? How will that theme be executed in the long run? What’s in it for me? See, I can think of Y!!!OI as some sort of anime about inspiration, talent, hard work, etc., etc., but, at the same, it can go the route of an anime who’s primary mission is to… well, look cool and please the ladies. I guess I’m explaining it in a way that one must have knowledge of what I’m looking for for an anime. Let’s put it this way. I did mention last week that Yuri is already a hero of his own, and that I didn’t really need to know him longer to be connected with his character. The question is, how will Y!!!OI execute Yuri’s (or any other character) motivation on becoming better? Will it sucker up to constant BL gestures? To be honest, it was kinda difficult to follow Yuri’s motivation and reasons given that I can’t quite differentiate whether or not his inspiration towards Viktor is sexual, platonic, or what. I don’t know, but if Y!!!OI can pander to its fanbase — fanbase being the ladies, fujoshi, etc. — and at the same time still give off that adrenaline induced AWESOME moments only found in sports anime then more the better, more the better.

You know, regardless if Y!!!OI does go full BL, I feel like I would still enjoy the show, though not as much with what I’m really looking for. I’m actually finding it funny that the supposedly sexual teasings of male to male intimate interactions a blast to watch. For the record, I’m a straight dude, and I ain’t the biggest fan of same-sex romance stories. However, perhaps my ability to readily accept what I’m seeing in Y!!!OI goes back to my stance towards LGBT stuff and whatnot. I don’t really have any issues with LGBTs, and I do support peeps who are into same-sex relationship so long as it will make them happy. If I recall correctly, Japan hasn’t legalize same-sex marriage yet. Though the fact that in my country, law has been kinda lax — inclined towards, even — on LGBT rights makes the BL/Yuri stuff desensitized and easier to digest in my case.


Short thoughts:

  • The VAs are doing a great job. Viktor’s VA in particular has been on-point.
  • How can Viktor use a chopstick? How can the Russians speak and understand Japanese? No, I’m just asking to mess up with you lol
  • Yurio’s starting to become my favorite character here. I mean, he’s my personal definition of cool.
  • I was wondering how they will integrate or introduce the rest of the cool characters from the ED. Guess we’re getting sorta like an… ikemen of the week?
  • See, there are shows that doesn’t need a wink wink nudge nudge to tell you that “hey, you’re supposed to ship these two”, while there are those that naturally writes its own canon shipping.
  • I was thinking that Viktor’s nagging Yuri on “girlfriends” because he wanted to know how or where Yuri got his inspiration from doing that program.
  • Prolly my favorite part this week is when Yurio saw that Tiger-printed Tee. He’s so fkcing dope.

Anyways, that’s it for this week! Realized I haven’t really talked about the show itself, but whatever. I’ll catch up with you folks next episode. I’m writing this as of 2:30 in the morning. Goddamn, anime.

5 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 2”

  1. I think you’ve kind of explained why I’m still a bit tentative on this one. Sure, the first two episodes have been a blast and that opening is amazing, but, other than Yuri getting some confidence and skating batter where is this story going? That is something that these episodes has not addressed. Even if it doesn’t, it will still be great fun to watch, but that is what will stop this from becoming a must watch and just a really good show about guys who look great while ice-skating.


    1. Yup, that’s what I’m looking for, actually. I can buy the whole thing about Yuri overcoming his slump, but I’m not really sure how Y!!!OI is going to address that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. TBH, even if it’s just boys looking pretty while skating I’ll eat it with a spoon. I suppose I AM the target audience hahaha xP
    I do hope it gets going, and has a story, but even if it doesn’t it’s fine too in my book~!
    I actually love that Yuri has confidence in his skills, and isn’t just meek or negative, him smiling at Ryuri (r for russian, i coined before the yurio so I can’t change now xP) and thinking he was being underestimated really showed it _


    1. Yeah, Yuri’s a great character! It isn’t every day we get a mature protag like him — specially that time when he was able to assess why Yurio’s being an ass on him lol


      1. He’s definitely a breath of fresh air ❤
        Yeah, Yuri doesn’t have as low self-esteem as I expected, which was great. I’m always here to see positive characters! _


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