Flip Flappers – Episode 3

I don’t know, man. Flip Flappers is one of those rares shows that’s better watched on one sitting than waiting on a weekly basis. Torture. I say torture.


Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. If you thought the first two episodes had a lot of stuff going on in it, wait until you watch this one. Flip Flappers is every bit the witty and cryptic show that it is, only that episode 3 felt like it consumed a ton worth of caffeine first thing in the morning. Heck, I don’t even think normal applies to this show. It’s goddamn trippy and unpredictable, and precisely because its trippiness knows little to no boundaries serves only to heighten the creative ceiling Flip Flappers can reach every week.

The narrative is still in its raw developing stage — where every new things shown so far only begs questions than answers — and I feel like having such an open ended presentation can also be a double edged sword, per se, with one side being my reckless indulgence at Flip Flapper‘s flamboyant and exhilarating attitude, while the other is my ‘don’t give in too much to hype’ alarm going full alert. You see, I was pretty much confident that Mob Psycho 100 will be my anime of the season last Summer as early as its first half simply because I already have some sort of an idea of its structure and what’s it going for. In contrary, Flip Flapper‘s had so much brewing at surface level (and possibly even subtextual) that it’s difficult for me not to question whether it will be able to tie everything up into one coherent picture when the time comes. Yeah, I know. We’re just in the 3rd episode and judging something as AOTS material as early as now is bull, but, hey, that’s an achievement in itself already. Good job, Flip Flappers! You just won my arbitrary Best First Three Episodes of the Season award.

My favorite part this episode is undoubtedly that HENSHIN!!! scene. It’s funny, because I actually forgot that Flip Flappers is a magical girl show, and that scene caught me with my jaw hanging.


It’s funnier, because after Papika and Cocona transformed, they did this cheesy dialogue topped with JoJo poses like it’s trying to make fun of the magical girl transformation trope. I had to laugh twice, no thrice, because c’mon MAGICAL ILLUSION BARRIER?! Does the name even fucking matters? And stop doing those damn poses like you rehearsed it beforehand.

And it’s funnier-er because last week, I briefly posted something about the butterfly image from the Rorschach test and this episode, their costume clearly has some butterfly influence in it. What. I think I just got mocked unintentionally? Or is there really soooooooooooome sort of connection between the presumed references/theories I made up? I don’t know, but this sure is getting meta.

Short thoughts:

  • I don’t want to talk too much about references and theories for now because it really is hard to draw a conclusion from a hodgepodge of materials I’m not even sure are accurate. I guess I’ll just relegate them here in the ‘short thoughts’ section.
  • I don’t even know how many references were there in this episode. There’s obviously Mad Max, a desert flower (forgot the name) that seems to hint something, Greek/Roman (whatever) architecture, Asclepius who’s the god of healing and medicine… and a dozen more I don’t have the words to describe.
  • Hearsay claims that the Pure Illusion worlds are based off Cocona’s repressed desires. Kinda makes sense but… I don’t know.
  • Speaking of Asclepius, maybe the nurse also has something to do with the KKK group? Like, that may explain why Yayaka’s in the nurse’s office.
  • Kinda weird how they were able to transform after eating a potato. Holy crap. Just how do things work in this anime?
  • Pure XLR, Pure Converter, Pure Equalization… sounds like something of an apparatus?
  • Another funny thing I gathered is with the color of Papika’s band-aids from ep 1: pink, cyan, yellow, which is also the color scheme of Yayaka and the twins. God Flip Flappers is so good at red herrings.
  • I haven’t even mentioned the orgasmic sakuga. The show’s style is too good, the sakuga basically got overshadowed.
  • So… why’s there a fragment in Cocona’s thigh?

All right. Sure. I’ve got a lot of questions I want to talk to others about. It’s just kinda sad to see that Flip Flapper‘s isn’t doing that good in Japan in terms of BD sales. Heck, even the West seems divided with their opinion of this show. Well, whatever. I’m loving this show, and that’s all I need to know.

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