Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 3


For the record, I’m writing this sober. I’m… no, you probably won’t understand a word a drunk person would write. Though I’m pretty sure that even if I’m drunk or not, I could fairly say that Yuri!!! On Ice‘s third episode was one hot ride.

I’ll get this out as soon as now. For starters, I felt a bit ambivalent with the episode but my appreciation is overall on the positive side. Like, it took me a rewatch to fully enjoy what the show has to offer. My first sit-through had me lost, and I was constantly asking why the heck would you think of a food for something so important that your professional career depends on it. I mean, I guess it was partly my fault for expecting Yuri to take it seriously (unlike Yurio who had a legit inspiration) when the show itself obviously shouldn’t be taken that seriously. Coming in to the second half with this line of thought kinda made the impact of Yuri’s performance absurdly fun to watch (and sexual in a weird way). It’s not everyday we see someone giving their all whilst thinking of a friggin’ katsudon.


The katsudon wasn’t only for the comedic effect, however, as it says a lot about Yuri’s character too. The fact that he doesn’t have anything to latch onto other than food establishes his lack of a real inspiration. Perhaps… he really did take the katsudon thing seriously and genuinely, which is why he was able to deliver that sexy performance. There really aren’t any borders to finding your inspiration, and I can attest to this argument given that I’ve used mundane stuff before to based my imagination and what not. In his case, however, he did have an inspiration before which is Yuuko, and that’s prolly what gave Viktor the impression that Yuri has the skills, but just doesn’t have inspiration to draw his talent from. Hey, maybe Viktor proactively became Yuri’s coach so that he can find his own inspiration from him and vice versa?

For a sport as expressively tasking as figure-skating when it comes to keeping your mind open for fresh and new ideas, I feel like Yuri really did do the right thing, and this was resounded by Viktor’s appreciation and fascination towards him. Say, normally (or like 100% of the time) I get writer’s block when I’m doing these posts, and the first thing I do is to zoom in and look at the smaller details — the useless stuff — and start questioning what’s the point of this speck of uselessness within our known universe. Afterwards, once you have an inkling of understanding of the unnecessary, you can then zoom your perspective out to a broader view. OKAY THAT MADE NO SENSE. I’m sorry, I guess I’m still drunk. But, hey, you get my point. Y!!!OI is a show about inspiration after all, and everyone can get wild with their imagination as much as anyone can go gaga over Viktor’s bare ass.


Short thoughts:

  • Sorry, folks. Been like years since I last gulped alcohol. I guess this is what they mean by a hang-over. What’s the point of drinking when you’re bound to suffer hell afterwards? I don’t get it. I don’t remember how I dragged myself from the office to my bed. I don’t know.
  • To be honest, Yurio’s the hotter of the three. Maybe because I find him feminine and weird.
  • I don’t know about you guys but Y!!!OI‘s jokes have always been a hit to me.
  • There’s a bit of a disconnect this episode wherein the exact same cuts from the part where they were practicing were used during the actual performance. Kinda diffused the OMG SO COOL effect because… I’ve already seen them do it during practice, so why the heck are they doing the same on the actual performance? I know they’re doing this to save resources, but meh… whatever. It was still fun though.
  • I guess Y!!!OI is going to start introducing those new hot characters they have. Oh, man. I can just hear the ladies screaming.

AAAannd that’s it for this week. I hope my drunken stupor isn’t showing on my writing. I’m never going to touch alcohol again. Never. Besides I can get drunk on anime instead, right? Right.


6 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 3”

  1. Very good review, even if you are a little less than sober 😛

    I’m waiting to see whether Yuri’s inspiration is based on more than just his favorite food. Victor’s coaching is helping him open his mind to new ideas and I think one of those ideas means developing stronger personal connections. To be honest, I hadn’t expected Yurio to leave this soon, but it’ll be interesting to see what they continue to do to compare and contrast him with Yuri.

    I full approve getting drunk on anime rather than alcohol, but I’m a teetotaler. 😛


  2. I think even if Yuri started training thinking about katsudon, during the performance it was implied that he ultimately changed katsudon to Viktor. As if there hasn’t been enough yaoi vibe yet.


      1. Well, for myself this show is the first stray into the yaoi-ish territory (depending on how the things will evolve, it may also be the last). The next few episodes may yet prove that all the Victor’s butts and stuff were just a tease for fujoshis and everything will go without any sail raised regardless of any fan shippings.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yuri is definitely growing as a person and as a skater, and I’m loving it. Plus Viktor’s ass is a sight to behold ohohoho


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