3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 3

Not now, onion cutting ninjas. Not now.


I have this habit of staring at the moon when I’m on my way to work. There are nights when the moon is fully visible in its serenity. Then there are nights when it is nowhere to be found, leaving only a vast blanket of cold blue floating in the sky. I don’t have an idea when I started this routine, but looking back at those moments kinda made me realize how goddamn sentimental I was. Pondering what the future holds, and oftentimes having to remember memories that I should’ve consciously forgotten takes precedence over the thought of a busy day at work.

Now, I’m not sure why I said that at all. Perhaps 3-gatsu just has this effect on me, wherein its emotions vibrate at the same wavelength as mine’s. It’s as if I could almost hear Clair de Lune playing in the background, while Hina calls her mom in between choking sobs. The OST is down to a T this episode, yet as much as Rei hears the cicadas and the BGM of the apartment store as he watches Harunobu cries his frustration, I only hear Clair de Lune.

The said piece is one of my go-to song every time I am sorta under the weather. Just like how Shinji of Neon Genesis Evangelion finds escape from the tune of his cassette player, I have Clair de Lune on repeat as I walk an arbitrary number of steps enroute to the office. The torrent of thoughts and repressed emotions I had whilst listening to the piano became embedded in every note Claude Debussy made, which is why for some unintentionally ironic reason, I can’t help but hear its haunting and sad melody during Harunobu and Hina’s tearful scene. And, just like how Rei is simply acknowledging their genuinely display of emotions through his own personal meta-commentary, I am also doing the same by retreating back to the confines I built myself for protection. We both didn’t shed tears. Our hearts bled. And we question why.


There’s a dichotomy this episode wherein the sun and the moon enunciated Harunobu and Hina’s disposition towards what makes their tears drop. Harunobu, for one, wears his heart on his sleeve and cries freely in front of Rei. This can be taken as a sign of vulnerability, but, at the same time, Harunobu’s tears carry with it the unfaltering glare of the sun, befitting that of a rival whose dictionary doesn’t include the words giving up. Hina, on the other hand, would rather keep the emotions to herself. Quiet, serene, solemn — she’s very much like a reflection of the moon in the water.


Short thoughts

  • All right. I mentioned last week that I don’t want to get emotional with 3-gatsu but wth. The imagery, the OST, Rei, everything’s accumulating into one ball of emotion. Can’t help it, folks.
  • 3-gatsu, again, is gentle — balancing its footing between depressing and optimistic. Only this time, I felt like its step slipped a bit on the former.
  • I love how 3-gatsu drew a line between Harunobu and the Kawamoto family from Rei. Harunobu accepts defeat, whilst the Kawamoto accepted their lost. How about Rei?
  • 3-gatsu sure did went all the way with its fixation of the moon this episode, eh?
  • I am really thankful for the timely jokes here. If not without those, I’d be feeling down throughout the show.
  • 3-gatsu is prolly the best paced anime I’m watching this season. I guess it’s more concerned with introducing the characters first and getting us to have a ‘feel’ for its style.
  • Sasuga KanaHana delivering on every role she takes.
  • Speaking of style, I’m loving Shaft’s take on this. Haven’t seen the manga source yet, but I honestly can’t find anything to complain about regarding Shinbo’s influence to this adaptation.

I-I’ll see you guys next episode. I may have to curl myself into a corner for now. See yah! /sobs


One Reply to “3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 3”

  1. Visually this is a really impressive show considering the subject matter. Even Rei’s room which is pretty devoid of anything is still beautifully constructed and presented. While I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous two, this show si still a really strong anime for the season. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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