Flip Flappers – Episode 4

Wow. That episode sure went fast.


I’m glad that Flip Flapper‘s sense of adventure doesn’t limit itself only within the Pure Illusion worlds. This episode was meant to be a breather, an opportune time for us to get to know the characters outside their millieu, yet even the laid-back and ‘down to earth’ moments still has the makings of the crazy Flip Flappers I crave every single week. Like… I love how Papika was more distressed by the fact that her hoverboard went missing rather than the prospect of getting stranded in an unknown island. It’s fun, and it’s crazy cause my idea of travel somewhat aligns with Papika’s happy-go-lucky attitude wherein I’ve always thought that there’s no thrill in an adventure unless you get lost.

On the other hand, Cocona is still cocooning herself in a shell (no pun intended), and when I think about it, what else do we know about her? What does she like? Little by little, I guess Papika’s overly-bright attitude is starting to thaw Cocona’s defenses, and we actually got a little bit of a back-story commentary regarding her parents — something I feel Cocona obviously doesn’t share to anyone proactively. I’ve been looking forward on what’s going to happen next to the point that I’ve forgotten to backtrack and ask myself who these characters are, and what made them who they are today. Regardless, it’s ironic as well considering that perhaps that’s simply just Papika’s  — or Flip Flappers‘ dreamy-slash-hyperactive nature — effect on me: just have fun. Forget explaining stuff, forget yesterday. FUN! And, yeah, that’s exactly what Flip Flappers has been doing to me and I love it.


Despite  having a more straightforward episode, there are still a few stuff that found its way into my ever-growing list of questions. Why Cocona? If transformation — or entering Pure Illusion — entails a pair to be on the same wavelength, why is it that Cocona is the one chosen to be Papika’s partner in the first place? The two is basically an oil and water combination, and isn’t exactly the most efficient way to collect the fragments, but I guess an “empty” container like Cocona is easier to fill. I also have a fair share of questions I want to ask Papika. She did mention something this episode about a person she met after Cocona told her her wish of a family reunion. Probably this person is Cocona? If so, why her? I don’t know, and I’m not even sure we’ll get a conclusive answer for this sooner or later.


If given the chance to make one of my wish come true, surely, I’d be burning my eyebrows considering the multitude of options. Cocona doesn’t seem to be one who gets stuck up from such a prospect unlike Yayaka and friends. Her wish of wanting to see her parents kinda broke my heart considering the context of her situation. I mean, she clearly is going through some sort of an existential crisis as shown from episode 1, and the monster girl’s comment about her being “nothing” makes sense in that regard. “You don’t know anything.”, Yayaka said to the two with a grimace on her face. Yes, I don’t know anything, Cocona seems like she doesn’t know about herself that much but… isn’t that what makes discovery even more fun?

Short thoughts:

  • Sempai from the art-club is damn mysterious. Heck, everyone’s mysterious in this anime.
  • Love how Cocona’s the first to apologize even though she’s the one who tripped and fell.
  • That sojourn in an island reminds me of Cast Away. Ahh, good times.
  • Didn’t noticed how good the OST is until now because of all the crazy stuff that happened.
  • Hey, that preview looks somewhat like… Corpse Party? Oh, boy.
  • And speaking of Corpse Party, I felt like death flags were raised this episode. An exposition about death in the family plus bestfriend promising you she’ll never, ever, ever, ever leave? Uh-oh.
  • And no, please don’t let Papika die. She’s a great character and I don’t want my Christmas to get bluer than blue.
  • Apparently, the kiwi and the plant they scavenged are both from New Zealand. What gives?
  • Charybdis and Scylla reference courtesy by /a/. Remember that story about whirlpools and a hydra?
  • Lastly, you’ll notice the colors Pink, Cyan, and Yellow in the art-club, color scheme representation of the twins and Yayaka from last episode. There are also replicas in the shelves that’s oddly shaped like the gang Yayaka is a part of. Wow. How are people even catching these stuff?

Flip Flappers continues its stay at the top of my Fall 2016 ranking list. If you’re not watching this show, then I suggest you do so now. Okay? Okay.

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