3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 5

It’s coming undone. Pulling it will make it worse. What should I do for something like this?


You’re right, Rei. Remembering the past hurts, and will continue to do so unless you either throw your blazer away, or accept that the seams cannot be stitched to what it is before. Similar to how one gets pricked while sewing their clothes, those who remember a should-be forgotten painful experience finds comfort from the idea of fabricating/sewing false assumptions — that something as worn out like his blazer can still keep him well away from his past.

That’s not to say that I understand Rei completely. However, I can somewhat relate to him to some extent this episode. Let me tell you something uninteresting. I am an illegitimate child. Just like how Rei believes that he’s destroying the family of his foster father, I also passed through a point wherein I established to myself that my existence is nothing but a nuisance to both the real family of my mom and dad. My childhood’s a bit messed up (and that’s already enough of a reason for me not to disclose anything more), to be honest, though it doesn’t come close to Rei’s burden. I’m happy to say that I’m already free of my demons; I’ve already found things I love that I want to pursue. Rei, on the other hand, feels like he’s still on a state of limbo between anger and denial instead of depression.


His self-fabricated idea that he’s trampling on others’ life in order to survive goes full circle to what I assumed in episode 2, wherein he felt responsible for crushing Issa’s dream for his grandfather. No, Rei. I want to shout at you. Slap you. Punch you. You shouldn’t underestimate us, nor you shouldn’t underestimate yourself either. Nikaidou will be the living proof that regardless of how many times you make a crybaby out of him after a match of shogi, he’ll keep coming back at you with his trademark of suave confidence. The Kawamoto family will be the living proof that will shake you out of the idea that you’re a fucking cuckoo — no, you’re not, because to them you’re one of their family along with those goddamn fattened cats. Step out of it. Don yourself in a new shirt and burn that blazer to the ground.

Episode 5 was… a sucker punch. It traps you in this false-sense of security, getting you tuned in to a warm and fleeting atmosphere with the oh-so kawaii Momo, then the next instant you’ll see a dead girl’s hand reaching out to you. It’s heartbreaking, and I still can’t get out of this bluish lull I’m feeling. I wouldn’t say that 3-gatsu is a master at manipulating your emotions. In fact, for me, I feel like its true appeal comes from its introspective nature. It doesn’t necessary need you to feel with the characters — it asks  that you peel open old wounds to see if they’ve truly healed. An anime about moving on can resonate with people who’ve been through some shit, and, at the same time, it pricks — it hurts, and we should all know for a fact that pain is necessary for healing.


Short thoughts:

  • I’m a big man, and I’m a softie. *sobs*
  • 3-gatsu probably has the best portrayal of animals ever. Like, that cat massaging Hina’s thigh while asking for milk was just so on-point. Not to mention that dog.
  • I lost it when Rei accepted the contract. I guess… it kinda did speak to me personally in a way that I’m forced to take on a job (and the label of an illegitimate child)  I don’t love in order to feed myself.
  • Man, if you watched this episode and for some reason it didn’t leave a dent on your heart, then I don’t know what will.
  • In a way, I guess Shouko is Rei’s anger manifested in physical form. Plus, I feel like Shouko is raging at Rei not for the reason that he hates him, but probably because he exposed how weak she really is.
  • In the same fashion, a male lion who takes control of a new pride kills the cubs of the previous alpha male. Fuck. So Rei really is a cuckoo.
  • L-let’s have some cute Momo for now, shall we?


Umm… I don’t know. Still haven’t recovered from that rant. Forgive me, folks. I’ll see you next episode! Ciao~

4 Replies to “3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 5”

  1. This episode certainly did have some excellent characterisation and confronted a lot of issues head on which is kind of unusual in anime. There’s definitely still more to the story but Rei is becoming a much more fleshed out human being and quite an interesting one at that. Hoping this show manages to hold onto what it does best.


      1. That’s what concerns me is the number of episodes. Given we don’t really have anything resembling a central narrative at this point and it is more just character exploration, I wonder if they can maintain for that length of time.


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