Flip Flappers – Episode 5

I did ask for something Corpse Party-ish for this episode, but I wasn’t expecting I’d actually get it.


Let’s be real. Fall 2016 is one of the strongest season there is in recent memory, and its 5th week is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I usually tweet weekly rankings for the lulz and to keep track of each show’s progression, but man, the numbers aren’t doing justice in telling how entertaining a show really is. Izetta: The Last Witch is currently trailing behind the group, but to say that being on the last place means being bad is a failure of me as an anime blogger and enthusiast. While Izetta somewhat became infamous for its atrocious writing, there are still qualities in the show that I find myself looking forward to week after week. Now, we’re not here to talk about Izetta or anything. I’m just giving you an idea of how great every anime this season are doing, and how consistently entertaining Flip Flappers has been all throughout in comparison.

All right. Perhaps using Izetta as an example doesn’t quite have that convincing ring to what I am mean to say, so I guess Euphonium‘s jaw-dropping 5th episode is a much more appropriate candidate. Hands down, that episode was gorgeous, lovely, fantastic, whatever, and I’d easily give gold to it with no hesitation if not for Flip Flappers and 3-gatsu. You can say that I’m exaggerating things a bit, but I wouldn’t exactly agree after seeing how easily Flip Flappers delivers one of its most fun episode to date.

One great thing about Flip Flappers extends to community discussions. I don’t normally take part in discussions over at /a/ or r/anime, but given how ambiguous this show can be, I can’t help but also throw in my opinion to the now bloated pool of theories that will probably become irrelevant after a couple of plot-twists and what not. Now, brainstorming is fun and all, though I honestly believe we don’t have adequate materials on-hand to work with that will objectively solidify what Flip Flapper‘s subtext and or commentary is. Sure, that thing about identity/individuality/sexuality/whichever stuff kinda does make sense, but we shouldn’t forget that Pure Illusion worlds directly influences the actions of Cocona and Papika. Take them out of these Pure Illusion worlds, and we get two best friends who’s simply worrying about next day’s exams.

Unless the true nature of Pure Illusion is spelled out to us, we wouldn’t truly understand what Flip Flappers has to say whether it has one or not. For all I care, Cocona and Papika could be thrown into a Shakespeare x Godzilla referenced world and shit would still make sense in its grand scheme of things, all the while devalidating previously constructed “explanations”. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not exactly saying that finding one’s identity doesn’t fit the bill — in fact, this episode does feel like Yuri Kuma Arashi of all things in terms of the theme’s central core and message — but then, how does that apply to past episodes, unanswered questions, and former references? I don’t know, but the fact that people are so eager to find answers just proves how excited they are for the next episode.


Short thoughts (or more like me trying to sound smart):

  • Flip Flappers got me to watch Yuri Kuma Arashi all thanks to everyone who keeps on comparing it to some auteur named Kunihiko Ikuhara. 4 episodes in, and I’m already in-love with the show. Witty, fun, cryptic, comedic yet has that dark atmosphere looming in the background… I can see where everyone’s coming from.
  • I’m not that versed with Ikuhara shows, mind you. I’ve only seen Mawaru Penguindrum a few years ago. I loved that show, and even had a place in my Top 10 list at one time, yet for some reason I never truly understood what that show was about. All I remember is this: SEIZON SENRYAKUUUUUUUUUU!!1 *awesome music starts playing* I guess it’s time for a rewatch?
  • Especially in the case of Flip Flapper‘s 5th episode. I’ve read that Yuri Kuma Arashi‘s somewhat of a commentary/satire against Class-S relationships and how it compares to real yuri relationships. I guess it answers why Yayaka and the twins weren’t affected by that creepy Pure Illusion world? Don’t ask me. I know nothing.
  • Prolly Pure Illusion worlds are the identities.
  • Honestly, I wasn’t that crept out by this episode. Disturbing to say the most, especially that part where rain poured down on the girls, leaving them both in a bloody mess. So who’s that dead girl from the first episode? Is this a premonition of some sort?
  • Death flags. Don’t forget, friends.
  • I love that new henshin OST. Almost sounds like a Final Fantasy boss battle theme.
  • I love how Yayaka uttered her ‘greetings’. It’s as if she thought of a clever joke, but missed the cue to say it lol
  • What if Dr. Salt and the Flip Flap crew turns out to be Cocona’s dead family?
  • What if that dead girl from ep. 1 is Papika? I mean, Papika doesn’t seem to be aware of what the hell is happening. She doesn’t know how Flip Flapping works or anything.
  •  ARGH whatever


Another week, another episode of Flip Flappers passes us by. The little to no preview footage smells suspicious. Can’t Thursday come soon enough?


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