Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 5

That’s certainly a lot better, Yuri!!! On Ice. Thank you.

Following the disappointing drought I had for the last couple of episodes, Yuri!!! On Ice makes a satisfying return in its 5th episode. While the jarring recycled cuts are still plaguing the show, it didn’t really bother me that much this episode compared to the past weeks. Of course, it still remains as one of my main complaints for this show, but given how difficult it is to run a cour with constantly moving figures, I figured quality will inevitably suffer anyways. I guess it’s just a matter of how much the show will keep me interested in other  aspects, and thank god Y!!!OI has a fun mix of characters to distract me from the otherwise lackluster parts of the show.

I think I’ve seen enough to finally convince myself to say that I’d enjoy Y!!!OI more if I actually took the time to get to know the sport — as what I did when I was getting into baseball anime — but there hasn’t been any reason for me to do so probably either because I’m too lazy to do any research, or maybe it’s just that Y!!!OI isn’t one to spoon-feed us with what’s interesting about figure-skating and how its technical stuff works.  As such, I was kinda just going with the flow of what’s being said in the commentary like… how can Yuri get more scores when he committed tons of mistakes versus Minami’s near perfect routine? I don’t know, but it probably has something to do with the high-level of techniques Yuri utilizes to perform his ‘high-risk, high-reward’ moves which may also answer why Viktor asked him to change the move-set. I guess the easier you can land a spin — or whatever you call those — the more you can express yourself, rather than focusing too much on your actions.


Well, regardless if I’m not enjoying the figure-skating bits that much, I at least found myself giggling from Yuri and Viktor’s blatant display of affection in public. I just find it hilarious that no one from the show has yet to call them both gay, when literally almost every viewers are begging for them to just kiss already. Though, as fellow blogger Frog-kun mentioned in Twitter, I’m also feeling a bit ambivalent towards Yuri and Viktor’s chemistry, but not to the extent that they are outright uninteresting to watch, rather, I feel like their reaction to each other seems forced for the sake of quenching the thirst of BL fanatics.


Short thoughts:

  • Minami’s routine was damn fun. That reminds me… Ballroom e Youkoso has been published! Get it while it’s hot. It’s good!
  • I guess it will be like… a new skater a week? There are tons of hot dudes from the OP who’s yet to be introduced after. Hopefully Yurio won’t be relegated to the sidelines.
  • Short and late post. Week’s too busy, and I even had a Saturday shift that lasted 12 hours. Oh, the horrors. I can barely imagine how exhausting animators are feeling during crunch.

Nevertheless, episode 5 is a step-up from the previous episodes. I just hope that Y!!!OI has something up their sleeve regarding Viktor’s motive, otherwise, it would really be disappointing if they’re doing the shipping just for showing off. I’ll see you guys next week!


6 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 5”

  1. Yea! I agree that I enjoyed this one more than the last two episodes, and I really enjoy watching figure skating but never read up on it so have no idea why Yuri kept scoring high.

    I feel like Yuri summarized the ambivalence at the end pretty nicely with his love spiel. Viktor is particularly mysterious for me even though we get to hear his thoughts this ep. I have this feeling there’s not really BL (maybe? also confused on this still, and def something that keeps me watching–had some crisis about the forced nature of their chemistry, as you mentioned, during ep 4) but Viktor sure knows how to motivate him.

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  2. The show does kind of assume a passable knowledge of ice skating from the audience given it isn’t going out of its way to explain the scoring system. That said, it doesn’t really matter to the plot whether the viewer understands the sport or not given they are clearly focussing on a character journey.
    I’m kind of hoping they don’t end up with a character a week approach but it does seem possible.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Well, when you think about it, figure skating isn’t a sport where results are based on exact measurements like seconds or meters. Sure, the judges can evaluate the technique well enough but it still comes down to the enjoyment and the human factor so it’s no wonder that many times the results and general opinion of the fans may differ.

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  4. Ice skating is great, if you’re interested you should check out Yuzuru Hanyu’s performances (he’s the one used as basis for Yuri), and Evgeni Plushenko’s (he’s the one used as basis for Viktor), they’re both really great and I love seeing them!
    I’m not really bothered by the recycling ice skating, they’re clearly preparing Yuri’s new routine and are hiding it for the Yuri x Yuri climax 😛
    Minami’s skating was so so energetic and awesome, he’s so adorable and cute, I’m so stoked to see more of him!
    Considering Yuri confessed his love on TV, I doubt it’s being done for the baiting/fan-service tho lol


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