Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 6

Right when I was wondering how long until Yuri!!! On Ice takes advantage of CGI, episode 6 comes along with a pretty entertaining episode.


You’ve got to hand it to Yuri!!! On Ice. Following the wave of dissatisfaction I had all due to its recycled animation weeks ago, I can’t help but admire its production staff for still following a rocky, bumpy path to success. Put simply, Yuri!!! On Ice‘s skating sequences  are taxing; it takes a lot of resources to pull off. Regardless — and I’m keen to say that I’m sure the staff had foreseen such a thing happening — we’re here, this week, watching 5 skaters, dancing and floating for like 15 minutes, in one of the case wherein usage of 3D-CGI didn’t feel jarring at all.

In fact, if you’ll ask me, I probably would’ve enjoyed Yuri’s performance should they have given it CGI treatment just like how it made Pritchit and Leo’s movements much, much easier to the eyes. Of course I still prefer the raw feeling of traditional animation, but in Y!!!OI‘s situation, 3D-CGI is probably the best decision they’ve made in a while. In a way, I guess it managed to capture the motion and smoothness of Pritchit and Leo’s expressive routine better than the rest of the skaters rendered traditionally, which is, to say, a huge breather than watching recycled animation week after week. Good job, Yuri!!! On Ice!


On another note, I also wasn’t expecting that we are actually going to be introduced to basically everyone of the cast this week. I had this hunch that it’s going to be in a ‘character a week’ format, but I guess getting to know those hot dudes in one night is a good way to keep viewer enjoyment last until the final stretch. The only problem I have — one that has been bothering me for a while — is the lack of Viktor-Yuri interactions that will flesh their relationship out into something I won’t find forced. Like, I agree that Yuri’s starting to open up to Viktor and vice versa episode by episode, yet I can’t find the reason why and what happened between episode 6 and 5 to make Yuri’s devotion to Viktor all that pronounced. A few hugs and near kisses, maybe? I don’t know, but for something as integral to my enjoyment of the show, I’d hope to see Viktor and Yuri spend time together outside figure-skating.


Short thoughts:

  • What? Duck blood? The hell? I assume we don’t have to eat that raw, r-right?
  • “I’m think I’m gonna come.” Holy mother of anime I’m glad I wasn’t drinking my OJ when I saw this.
  • I’m still wondering what’s going to be the end-game for Yuri. It seems to me he just needs a small pat on the back and he’s good to go.
  • Honestly, I don’t know feel like Yuri and Viktor’s relationship progressed that much after 6 episodes.
  • I want to know. Is it normal for russian guys to get that close to another male’s personal space? I’d start to think Viktor’s weird if he keeps on hugging me out of nowhere.
  • Chris is…

A rather crazy and fun episode. Hopefully Y!!!OI keeps this level of energy (and innuendos cause they’re fun) for the rest of the season. I’ll see you guys next week!


7 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 6”

  1. When I saw “I think I’m going to come,” I about died. I think that one line made me feel far more awkward than any fanservice I’ve seen.


      1. I know haha. He is definitely full of himself though. Props to his character for having so much confidence.


  2. At least any question about whether they are being deliberate or just baiting fans kind of came to a close after this episode. With that dialogue and some of those interactions it is pretty clear that they are veing very deliberate in what they are constructing.


    1. Yup! I’m sure Leo and Pritchit’s routine was rendered in 3D. The movements were too smooth, which, is I think, perfect for animating this kind of sport.


      1. Daaang, now I need to see their routine again to see if I can see the 3D for myself or not. Tho there’s always the possibility that it’s hand drawn but they’ve prepared their programs for a longer time/since the production time hmm

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