Flip Flappers – Episode 7

If anything, this week’s Flip Flappers is a game changer. That’s not to say I understood any of it though.


Episode 7 felt like we’ve been thrown back into square one. Like literally, cause if you’ll remember, one theory about Pure Illusion is it being Dante’s Inferno/Hell and Yayaka’s “joke” made me skeptical whether or not she really did remark it tongue and cheek. The funny thing is that there’s one important information I overlooked weeks and weeks ago. See, the synopsis for Flip Flappers says something about “searching for the Shards of Mimi”. I disregarded this line, thinking that Mimi is just another external reference to something (Google search returned with nothing relevant), and now I’m dumb-founded to think that such a vital piece of the puzzle escaped my mind. Suffice to say, the mysteries surrounding Flip Flappers are starting to unfold, but not without its fair share of new questions to ask.

Mimi’s role as Cocona/Papika’s mother is pretty much the safer assumption (for all I care, Cocona could very well be Mimi herself), given that I also threw a guess that Dr. Salt and the Flip Flap crew might be related to Cocona’s family. In fact, it wasn’t that hard to imagine Dr. Salt as the dad. There’s this father-figure aura surrounding him from the get-go, and it makes much more sense to let him take the role of the father given that it saves the narrative time to explain or create a connection between him and Cocona. Plus, the hooded dude referring to Papika and Cocona as childs of amorphous very much hits the nail on the head. Of course, as customary with this show, two questions pop up for every answer you get.


However, if there’s one thing I’d like to bet a box of pizza on, it’s that death flags are real. I mentioned this before, but episode 7 further solidifies a rather dark and grim closure for Papika (well, for me, that is). Remember Papika promising that she’ll never ever leave Cocona? Awesome. Now noticed how Papika really did catch Cocona after she promised that she’ll catch her when she falls? It reeks of death flags to high-heavens, and I wouldn’t be surprised if “broken promises” become a theme sooner or later.

And speaking of broken promises, I just love how they’re playing the idea of good/bad consequences. Normally, we’d think that by helping Iroha reciprocate her promise to her grandma, she’d be a better person afterwards. For better or worse, she became a different person altogether, though it might have hindered her talent of painting to resurface. To add to that, perhaps a non-existent frictionless utopia may be referring to the law that for every action, there’s an opposite reaction — that for every cause, there’s an effect, and a frictionless utopia doesn’t exist considering that utopia, to begin with, is impossible to achieve. All right, fck. I’m starting to sound like I’m talking rocket science.

Short thoughts:

  • I only have one day-off for this week and I’m absolutely exhausted. I’ve love to give this episode more thought but brain’s dead, folks.
  • The train scene, traffic lights, pedestrian oddly reminds of the scene in Neon Genesis Evangelion wherein Shinji’s subconcious is depicted through a conversation inside a train.
  • Apparently, eating carrots is torture for Cocona. I wonder why… and to think that she has a rabbit for a pet?
  • Perhaps the countless Papikas are an indication of the numerous relationships Cocona wanted to have, as opposed to the bland high-school life she is having so far.
  • Truth be told, the exposition about Pure Illusion barely answers anything.
  • I don’t know, but that convo between the two on the bed’s darn cryptic I’m so sure it’s hinting at something to come.
  • Love how Cocona blushed from the thought of an indirect kiss after drinking that Ramune. I’m in for some boy Papika x Cocona shipping, yo.
  • I… I don’t know. There seems to be some time-travel shit going on. Like, the baby Mimi’s holding must be Cocona, yet Papika’s already a grown up.
  • Yeah, Mimi means ears and… Dr. Salt and the sound/music apparatus references? Damn it. I still can’t believe why I forgot something so important.
  • According to 4chan, the white clovers means Think of Me in flower language.

Well, whatever. One thing’s for sure though. Next week’s going to be awesome — my gut-feeling is telling me we’re in for one hell of a ride. I’ll see you guys next episode!

3 Replies to “Flip Flappers – Episode 7”

  1. The ‘explanation’ of pur illusion was probably the worst part of this episode. It explained nothing but through around a lot of words that sounded like they should explain nothing but left the audience non-the-wiser than what we could have simply guessed from previous episodes. Most of this episode felt like that (until the end at least). There was really nothing about Cocona or Papika and their relationship here that was new, it was more a retread of ideas that we’ve either already seen or been able to infer. The final scenes though promise maybe something new.


    1. I kinda have an opposite reaction as yours, though I understand where you’re coming from. Cocona and Papika’s relationship wasn’t really that highlighted which I think is intentional. Rather, I’m glad that FF avoided explaining Pure Illusion outright verbally as it would defeat the purpose of its prior ambiguity. As with Papika and Cocona, I feel like FF is more concerned with explaining what their connection is to each other, rather than progressing their relationship. Like, we now can assume that they’re related by blood, and seeing some dramatic catalyst propelling their chemistry from ‘idk’ to ‘wow awesome’ will, at the end, still reach the same point as with opposed to framing them as sisters.

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  2. I’m slapping myself for missing the Shards of Mimi bit as well. That was sneaky of them.
    It’s interesting you thought the hooded man was talking about Covina and Papika when he mentioned the amorphous children. I had assumed he was talking about the twins.

    Great post and thanks for sharing. Hope next week isn’t as hectic for you.

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