Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 7

Wha–? Did I miss something? Tell me Yuri and Viktor kissed. TELL ME.


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting myself to commit to this show with such giddy enthusiasm. I was almost willing to drop Yuri!!! On Ice weeks ago but I’m sooo glad I gave it another chance. Budding gay relationship, BL, yaoi, whatever you call this, I’m digging it. Seeing myself giggle from the sight of two dudes hugging one another out of genuine joy was a new side to me I didn’t know existed. Like, I was skeptical going into this show cause I know there are going to be tons of male homosexual stuff I am not used to watching, but I guess after seeing how Yuri and Viktor truly care for each other, I couldn’t help but raise two thumbs in approval. Well done, Y!!!OI! I’ve been waiting for you to break the ice and give me a reason to care for the duo’s chemistry and you delivered.


Aside from the fact that we got a nice and meaty relationship development between Yuri and Viktor, I also loved how entertaining the skating parts were this episode as compared to last week’s. Hands down, I would’ve also given the gold to Pritchit who displayed one hell of a sakuga performance. Though, perhaps what’s giving the routines the wow factor are the diegetic and meta-diegetic commentaries. Without those, I’d probably be feeling lost at what’s happening inside the rink. I’m not sure how real commentaries in figure skating works, but to the me who knows zero to nothing about the sport, having an audio cue helps me stay on the same page with what I’m watching. Suffice to say, Y!!!OI is a pretty good sports anime — though not as flashily animated nowadays as compared to the premier — yet I still feel they could’ve advertised figure skating  to new-comers as something worth checking out. So yeah, I still can’t spot the difference between an lutz and a salchow even after asking Mr. Google.

Short thoughts:

  • Been busy this week. I only have one day-off so… I’ll have to keep my write-ups for this week short.
  • Looks like the final arc is starting next week, huh? I wish we have more episodes to at least get to know the other characters better. I wanna know if Chris is really coming during his performance.
  • I wonder how Yurio’s going to fit into the scene. Honestly, Y!!!OI could’ve ended here and now and I wouldn’t even be mad.
  • Yuri poking Viktor’s head was hilarious. Is that a new mantra of him?

A great episode of Yuri!!! On Ice is just what I needed in this exhausting week of mine. In a way, I guess I’m kinda excited at what’s in store for our guys. I’d love more drama between Yuri and Viktor. Those two are… kinda weird to watch. I’ll see you guys next week!

3 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 7”

  1. One of the people working in YoI in twitter hinted pretty strongly it was indeed a kiss ;P
    Commentary happens in real ice skating, you should definitely watch Yuzuru Hanyu and Plushenko skate if you ever feel like experiencing the real thing!
    He is mentally jizzing himself at very least xDD
    I love the poking head moments! It really shows how close they’re _


    1. Ah, speaking of which, I was watching videos of Yuzuru Hanyu. I have to admit watching them spinning around real time was pretty awesome.


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