3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 7

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nya shogi~


I’m genuinely thankful for this tender episode of 3-gatsu. I’m currently on a very, very hectic week thanks to my work schedule changing. In fact, I may have unconsciously dragged a weary sigh during the first minute of this episode, probably after I assumed that it’s going to me yet another depressing showing of 3-gatsu. Thank god it wasn’t, and what followed was perhaps something akin to iyashikei level of comftiness. Of course, 3-gatsu isn’t exactly an iyashikei due to how it varies its atmosphere between tense and oppressive with mellow and somber, yet episode 7 is everything but the former.

I’ve always been sincere and honest with what I write on my 3-gatsu posts, and to you who actually does take the time to read the crap I make, you’re lucky, cause you had the chance to know me beyond my internet persona of an anime blogger. Having said that, the 5-minute conversation between Rei and Takahashi was another one of those uppercuts I wasn’t anticipating hitting me square on the jaw. Rei was right, and I would’ve had been spilling tears if I didn’t keep my guards up. You see, that heart-to-heart talk didn’t resonate only between the two of them, rather, their words struck a deeper chord within me as well. Just like Takahashi, I also found it hard to explain why such a simple reason as ‘because I don’t want to run away’ can make me so fucking giddy. It’s a simple self-realization yet answers so many of the questions I never got to ask, and the fact that such a straightforward advise/answer is the key to why I am trying my best with whatever I do is nothing short of a deliverance.


I think… if you’re someone who’s aware of the countless missed opportunities, mistakes, guilt plaguing your mind, the winding crossroads would sooner or later converge into two lanes: to run away or not. There are those who give up — those who would rather do nothing to change the status quo. Then there are those who got fed up of it and decided to trek the rocky way home. I’m one of the latter; one of the many who’s unaware of his/her raison d’etre yet still strive to give their 110% in any given situation. I’m physically and mentally tired as of this writing, but it’s thanks to this little inspiration from 3-gatsu, I think I can make it through the week.


Short thoughts:

  • Man, you don’t know how tired I am right now, and I have like 3 more days of work to go. I was deliberating whether or not to skip this 3-gatsu write up but how can I ignore something as good as this episode? Well, quality suffers but wth, it’s better than nothing, seriously.
  • Since I only had one day off for this week, my laundry didn’t dry up on time, and I had to wear my pants even though it’s still friggin wet. Way to start Monday.
  • Rei has great friends. I just hope he won’t keep taking them for granted.
  • I still can’t shake this idea of a death flag out of Nikaidou’s character.
  • See? I told you Rei is only animated when Nikaidou’s around. I kinda can relate to Rei given that I’m obnoxiously loud when I’m with my close friends, yet toned down when at home.
  • Oh, and Nikaidou’s awesome as always. Best man along with last season’s Reigen.
  • That transition to cat-shogi tutorial ED was pretty genius.
  • I love how Hina and Akari started drumming their hands on the table when their convo started heating up.
  • The faces of the cats when Nikaidou started his lesson was lol
  • Did I mention that Nikaidou’s awesome? Yeah, I guess I already did.

I probably liked this episode more than I should have just because I needed something fun and relaxing. Suffice to say, it was yet another heart-warming episode of 3-gatsu. If all goes well, this anime would easily fit itself in my Top 30 list of all time favourites. Oh, and speaking of lists… perhaps I can start drafting Top X posts or… whatever. I’m crawling back to bed. I’ll see you guys next week!


One Reply to “3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 7”

  1. This was definitely a great episode in that it didn’t break from the overall tone of the show but still felt like a bit of light was being let into Rei’s life at least for a little bit. He even realised he didn’t feel like sleeping which is probably the first time we haven’t seen him in pretty much full shut down mode for the entire episode.
    Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts on this series.


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