Flip Flappers – Episode 8

8 episodes in, and Flip Flappers doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas. In fact, I feel like revelations are having an adverse effect in making this show even more obscure.


While this episode lacks in symbolic depth as with its previous counterparts, episode 8 makes up for it with sheer sakuga display. I’m not really one to talk about sakuga when it comes to Flip Flappers, but I feel like its animation tour de force really sold the hyper-futuristic theme appeal to me. Take note, I’m not the biggest mech fan there is —  having seen only a couple of Gundam shows, Eureka 7, Gurren Lagann, and a bunch of conspicuous retro robot anime — yet I’ve always felt that having great visuals and cheesy stuff takes up a huge portion of my enjoyment when watching the said genre. Gurren Lagann, in particular, makes it so easy to elevate the adrenaline rush to the nth level simply by utilizing crazy shots of characters doing this pose or having them say a corny dialogue. I could say the same to this episode’s gattai scene, wherein Cocona, Papika, and Yayaka all yelled UPGRADE-DO! with pose and all. I wasn’t as pumped as I’d normally be with Gurren Lagann, yet I feel like Flip Flappers still managed to capture the essence of what makes these mech shows so entertaining to watch. And don’t even get me started with the henshin music because damn that was cool af.

Of course, amidst the mishmash of homage to various robot shows, viewers seem to be expressing their dissatisfaction because of the questionable and unnecessary shots of middle-schooler crotches. Sure, I understand where you guys are coming from, but I think we should also keep in mind how Pure Illusion operates. Like, I’ve mentioned this bit during my first post of Flip Flappers: umwelt is practically how we perceive our surroundings. Now, it should be obvious that this week’s Pure Illusion is influenced by either Hidaka or Bu-chan (I’m betting it’s wholly Bu-chan’s world). I’d love to assume that it’s Bu-chan’s, as it explains the reasoning behind the fan-servicey stuff (I mean, we all know Bu-chan’s a perv, right?). Ochan and Bu-chan rhymes. The world the Pure Illusion is set in has a similar texture to that of a brain. Ochan is small, and he has this claw thingy he uses. Bu-chan was nowhere to be found within the Pure Illusion, yet he appeared towards the end all broken up possibly hinting that the wreckage Cocona and co. did had a direct connection to Bu-chan’s real body. Honestly, I think Flip Flappers has used fan service cleverly ever since the start. It isn’t fan-service for the sake of pandering to your lust, folks. It’s fan-service that has a bearing  in the narrative. There’s a difference.


Still, I have my doubts on whether or not this week’s Pure Illusion was indeed Bu-chan’s. Ochan, after all, is a blatant representation of Hidaka with his chuunibyou personality. It’s also implied and contrasted that Ochan’s room and Hidaka’s are somewhat related to each other, along with the Thomasson and the cockpit Cocona and Papika got cramped into. Or maybe Ochan’s personality is simply how Hidaka configured Bu-chan’s OS. I don’t know. Though, I’m not exactly sure how the answers to these questions will make sense in the grand scheme of things, as I do feel like the episode was rather filler-ish. There really wasn’t anything to add to the progression of the narrative aside from, I guess, Yayaka’s slow inclination towards the Flip Flap crew.

Short thoughts:

  • I think the biggest question is why Sayuri called Hidaka-san as Dr. Hidaka. WHY. Did something occur within the Pure Illusion for Sayuri to change his attitude towards Hidaka? For one, we aren’t even sure that everything happened inside the deeper layer of Pure Illusion. Or maybe it’s just another red-herring.
  • I don’t know. Agonizing over such details is still futile given the uncertainty Flip Flappers‘ ending holds.
  • Occam’s razor tells me that they’re inside Bu-chan. I’m willing to bet 10 boxes of Dominoes. I don’t know how to explain Bu-chan’s pervy character though.
  • In a way, Cocona may be implying that she wanted to protect Hidaka’s creation which is Bu-chan, similar with how she wanted to see(probably) Iroha-sempai create/draw a painting again.
  • That part where Yayaka entered the scene driving a truck was kinda cute.
  • Yayaka’s Flip Flapping had me laughing.
  • There seems to be some Evangelion-inspired scenes this episode…
  • Apparently, 4chan says that Yayaka’s character design is inspired by a swallow-tail butterfly as seen from the orange/reddish streaks in her straw colored hair. It’s possibly alluding to the idea that he’ll turn his allegiance to Flip Flap but who knows if it’s just a coincidence.
  • This… is a rather messy post but man, I’m too tired to do some proofreading lol
  • Funny how the preview raises more questions regarding the progression of the narrative than this episode as a whole.

And, well, that’s it for this week of Flip Flappers! While not the best, it was still a blast to watch. I’ll see you guys next week! FLIP FLAPPING!


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