Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 8

Hey, hey! I think I’m now getting the hang of figure-skating, folks!


Let’s talk about figure-skating for a bit. Just to give you a recap, I’ve always whined at how I can’t seem to ‘feel’ the show simply because the sport of figure-skating is as alien to me as ketchup on rice. Guess what? After seeing tons and tons of tweets about how real life figure-skaters are enjoying the show, I thought that it’s probably time I should check the real thing in action after weeks of procrastination. Suffice to say, the first thing that my buddy Youtube showed me is this awesome dude:

I’ve heard the name Yuzuru Hanyu thrown around countless times within the anime community to know that you madman are thinking of how similar he is to Yuri. And boy, you guys are friggin’ on point. Sure, he’s younger by a couple of years, but damn this performance just oozes machismo reminiscent to that of Yuri’s Eros. I’m not surprised between the striking resemblance of their character, as I came upon Yuzuru Hanyu’s name from that interview I linked before, rather I’m more surprised at — for lack of better words — how enchanting figure-skating really is, and with Yuri!!! On Ice‘s ability to bring its spirit to the anime medium.

Perhaps I’m more amazed at the timing of the skaters, as everyone I’ve watched so far are completely in-sync with their music. A second of delay in your jump can cause a mismatch later on between your movements and the music, which is awfully crucial considering how clean each routine looks like. I admit, it’s exhilarating to watch the real thing, and I’m actually getting goosebumps at every leap they make whilst a huge wave of cheer from the crowd follows.

All right. Figure-skating is cool, okay, and I’ll continue to watch these videos until who knows when. Honestly, if I at least familiarized myself with the sport a month before Y!!!OI aired, I’d probably be appreciating the previous episodes a lot more. And speaking of Y!!!OI, I’m happy to say that episode 8 is yet another fun episode. While there doesn’t seem to be any big breakthrough happening this week (aside from Maka-chan choking on baozis), I’m actually pretty amazed at how diverse and wide the character line-up has been for this anime. Like, we’ve probably been introduced to 10 skaters now, yet I still remember each and everyone’s name which normally doesn’t happen unless it’s imperative for me to commit their names to memory. It may be due to the fact that most of theses characters are designed from real-life figure-skaters, however, I feel like giving them small quirks and memorable personalities easily does the trick.

Seung Gil… Sun Gil… Gah whatever. Yeah, I remember their names but don’t trust me to spell it out correctly.  Anyways, Korean-dude’s another awesome character, and I actually have to laugh out loud during that interview scene wherein he’s explaining how crowd pressure doesn’t affect him, yet he turned his head after hearing an applause. That’s moe. Now, there’s this narcissist Jean Jacques calling himself The King JJ whatever, who’s actually a cooler and manlier version of The Figure-skater Who Came Chris. I guess these interesting characters make up for the lack of Yuri-Viktor interactions huge fans are begging for, and I guess they’ve also been one reason why I’m really enjoying this show ever since the China Cup started.


Short thoughts:

  • I’m obviously not versed to talk about figure-skating in detail, but seeing how you spin and spin and spin and propel yourself to do a quad rotation mid air has got to be exhausting, yet a figure-skater’s physique looks rather lithe. I’m wondering how strong your lower body should be in order to sustain even a minute of routine.
  • Rolled my eyes when Viktor kissed Yuri’s skates. Pffffft You know, I wished romance anime should utilize that kind of fan-service more.
  • Whoa Yurio’s still 15? I forgot.
  • Hmm. I thought Koreans are demure by default.
  • Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Yuzuru Hanyu x Evgeny. I can almost imagine my fujo friend drooling from the idea.
  • Is it just me or every figure-skater is good-looking?
  • I guess one message Y!!!OI would like to impart is love and passion, huh. And I like how they’re incorporating queer relationship into that, as if saying that same sex relationships has the power to conquer other types of relationships.
  • Sala is hot. Period.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’m feeling more enthusiastic coming into this show after a couple of hours in Youtube watching real figure-skating. Man, I should’ve done this sooner. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week! Davaj!


One Reply to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 8”

  1. I’m so glad you took the plunge and dived right into figure skating hell, I knew you’d enjoy it! I’m really wishing Makkachin doesn’t die ;_; I love how diverse but memorable the cast is too, this show has been going so strong. I ABOUT DIED WHEN HE KISSED THE SKATES AAH


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