Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 9

You know, despite not having the same quality as with Yuri!!! On Ice‘s 10/10 pilot episode, I’m still finding myself having a blast from this episode’s figure-skating bits and more.


For starters, I love how the stage shifts from one skater to another smoothly, without so much as breaking the overall high-paced flow from start to finish. One of my pet-peeves when it comes to sports anime is when a certain scene drags on and on — possibly in lieu of emphasizing the gravitas of the situation — when the conflict could’ve been resolved within a matter of minutes (cough Slam Dunk). Y!!!OI differs in a way that it takes the most bare and essential parts from a skater’s performance, and moves on to the next, skipping the over-extended expositions of ‘muh feelings’ and such.

A great example is I guess Seung Lee’s turn at the spotlight. All we needed to see is him shaking from nervousness, flopping his first jump, and then breaking in tears as he go home a loser. There’s a clear start, middle, and finish to every skater’s turn, and the only difference is with how Y!!!OI regulates the length based on what needs to be shown and what doesn’t need to be shown. In turn, this flexibility with its competition arc’s structure allows for accommodating basically every skater possible — and I love it, because each and every character we’ve seen thus far are worthy of their own screentimes with their own interesting side-stories to boot.

On a different note, I’m keen to conclude that after this episode, classical/orchestral music is perhaps the best combination for, well, I guess almost anything, including figure-skating routines. Of course, there’s a time and place when and where not to use the said genre of music as your BGM, but after seeing Yurio’s intense performance accompanied by a frenetic piano piece playing in the background, I’m led to imagine that it could also work for other skater’s sensually expressive performance. Siscon’s routine in particular could’ve used something taken from Chopin or whatever, and Yuri could’ve skated to the beats of DJ Okawari’s Luv Letter or Flower Dance but, hey, there’s J-fucking-J’s explosive attitude and my awkward taste of music to consider sooo… meh.


All right. Ending this post by talking about the ending credits scene is somewhat fitting given that, for some odd reason, the sight of Yuri and Viktor running adjacent to each other, hugging each other, proposing to each other had me laughing and asking for moar — seriously. It’s not that I am laughing at them because they look stupid or anything, it’s just that I could’ve sworn that that scene was taken straight out of a bad soap opera, and it’s just soooo friggin perfect as a teasing material. It’s a cheesy and cheap way to manipulate our fantasies without giving too little and too much — just the right amount of fan service enough to get me giggling like a fan girl. Yuri!!! On Ice doing things to me, boys.


Short thoughts:

  • Um, whose Makacchin is this again? Viktor’s, right?
  • I don’t know about you guys but JJ’s pretty awesome, though I’m still getting used to his obnoxiousness.
  • So, will Viktor ever explain his reason why he decided to be Yuri’s coach?
  • I love how there’s little to no friction between the athletes — well, at surface level there is, but underneath the friendly banters are a group of people inspiring each other.
  • I’m sorry but how does one make a spring rolled(?) katsudon? Or wait, maybe sushi is simply spring rolled with nori omfg
  • Yurio’s costume looks awesome.
  • I have this feeling that we’re gonna get one hell of an unfiltered uncensored intimacy between Yuri and Viktor as a finale. Otherwise I’m getting outta here..

Anyways, I guess we’re down to just a couple more episodes. I know, I know. Don’t be sad, guys. Rather, expect tons of doujins getting shoved in our faces soon. In fact, I saw this tweet with Yuri and Viktor ki–

3 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 9”

  1. I love all the characters so far, and I really want spinoffs seasons for each of them 😭✨
    That last scene of them running,hugging and proposing is too perfect 😭✨👌
    Makkachin is Viktor’s dog, Yuri’s Vicchan already died, poor thing 😭
    Viktor decided to coach Yuri cause he wants to tap that ass 👀👀👀✨
    I’m curious too, and I’m sure they’ll answer that question by the end,,probably love at first sight 👌✨

    Liked by 1 person

      1. THE DIRECTOR SAID SHE WANTS TO DO A SEQUEL IN A INTERVIEW AAAAAH, the dream is real, our wishes are being heard AAAH 😭😭✨

        Liked by 1 person

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