Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 10

And that, my friends, is how I met your… uh, mother?


I just love this episode. And as of this writing, I honestly don’t know what to elaborate and why, granted that episode 10 is one of the most fun and entertaining episode I’ve seen this season, if not, all year round. Now, I guess I’d better start off with the explanations by highlighting what struck me as the most suave and creative use of an ED/OP in recent memory.

I’ve briefly mentioned this part on my episode 1 post, and that I applaud how this show integrated Instagram (or any other social media platform) into its ED presentation, further capitalizing on a medium most anime haven’t touched upon yet. It wasn’t just a sleek and smart way on selling the appeal of its characters as we see them animated outside the constraints of the narrative, all the while pandering to the tech-savvy portion of Y!!!OI‘s demography, rather, episode 10’s masterful ED was something more beyond being an obligatory ‘roll the credits’ cue. Sure, it’s visually entertaining to watch, the tune meshes in well with the animation, however, what’s really great about it is with how it was able to take advantage of Y!!!OI’s strength and familiarization with social media, and use it as a means to tell or progress its story in one single stroke. I wasn’t expecting that, and sure hell I wasn’t expecting that huge reveal afterwards. I know I’m trying to cramp up one too many adjectives in this paragraph, but really, it’s not every day we see an anime put that much thought into utilizing its ED to the fullest.


Another thing I’d love to point out is with how Y!!!OI was able to bring forth its setting’s ambiance, turning its own emulation of Barcelona into something organic and real.  Much like with Aria‘s rendition of Venetia, episode 10 is packed with real life sensibilities: from the inspired cathedral of Familia Sagrada (or is it?), to piano pieces and choir humming in the background, I could almost feel like actually there — that I’m physically accompanying Viktor and Yuri with their sojourn in this beautiful city. Suffice to say, it was a perfect set-up for our couple’s rehearsed marriage, and seeing how perfectly executed this part was, I’m really glad to say that Y!!!OI‘s staffs’ visit to various countries is paying off big time.

There’s also that thing with watching this episode whilst Viktor does the narrating. It gives off that vibe that, well, we’re supposed to be relaxing while he does all the tedious commentary and whatnot, considering that I’ve been aching for Y!!!OI to give us a moment to step back from the rink and give its main duo a breather to further get to know them. And thank god they did it in a glorious fashion. Viktor’s motives weren’t… exactly motives, given that his course of actions were — of all things — due to a single night of partying hard. Wow. Just wow. I guess it all makes sense, and I’m led to assume that Viktor’s reasoning on accepting Yuri’s tongue in cheek request wasn’t in any way related to figure-skating. He just wanted to be with Yuri and have fun with him.

Short thoughts:

  • Lol’d hard on Yurio’s fangirls trying to sniff their way in a hide and seek.
  • Lol’d hard on Minako-sensei and Yuri’s sis crying like ‘we don’t deserve to be in this table full of hot men’.
  • That ED was goddamn awesome. One of this year’s highlights.
  • I guess Yurio prefers manly men.
  • So, wanna make a bet? Who’s gonna win Grand Prix’s gold?
  • They sure can dance well even when drunk. How about while skating?
  • First thing that comes out of Yuri’s mouth when he woke up was “Where’s Viktor?” C’mon, man. W-were you expecting him to sleep besides you?
  • No. He was flirting with Chris. Sorry, Yuri.

I’m very, very excited for next episode. I’m getting this feeling that Yuri!!! on Ice saved the best for the last. Oh, boy.

2 Replies to “Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 10”

  1. Definitely the best ED every. Other anime have continues to tell a story through the credits but using the phone images and video to tell about the events makes it feel real. Yuri doesn’t remember but here’s the evidence and everyone has their own version of the night. It’s very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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