Yuri!!! On Ice – Episode 12 (END)

Eupho snagged a bronze, while Yuzuru Hanyu — oh, I mean Yuri, sorry — earned himself a silver. Despite betraying my expectations that both of them will end at the top of the podium, I somehow found myself more satisfied with how it turned out, regardless.


I guess having such a finale was at first a let down given that I’ve also been secretly cheering for Yuri to bag that gold and smack it onto Viktor’s face. As what they always say nowadays: we can’t always have what we want. However, that does and doesn’t translate to never getting what we needed. To these characters, the culmination of their epoch is in itself a prize no other medal can equal in terms of value. Suffice to say, I felt like Yurio winning the gold isn’t exactly what he was looking for, granted it was Yuri who smashed Viktor’s world-record — a feat every figure-skater who’s got eyes for the man would kill for. Yuri may have placed second, on the other hand, yet at the end of the day, it wasn’t his score nor his standing that mattered — his relationship with Viktor sky-rocketed, and his future is now more hopeful the ever. The End. Bravo. Davai.

Life, as we all know, isn’t tailor-suited nor rigged in our favor. Sometimes, losing can be more meaningful than winning (*cough* JJ style). Oftentimes, the view from the now and then can be more gratifying than the feel of a metal’s weight in your hand. It’s also one way of saying that, well, the show is barely starting, and that there’s always a next time; another day, another competition, another drunken party. Life goes on. Okay, yeah, I tried to be dramatic there but tl;dr is I’m calling a sequel to both Yuri!!! on Ice and Euphonium despite their somewhat conclusive ending. Happy now?


In retrospect, Yuri!!! on Ice was kind of an acquired taste for me. Once I found myself accustomed to its initial bout of production quality issues and queer characters, the rest became a freaking riot. I honestly don’t have anything more to add or say, given that I feel like I’ve covered everything I want to vocalize throughout the weeks I blogged the series, so yeah, if you’re looking for what my criticisms and thoughts were, you’ve got 11 posts to sift through. Not that I’m asking for clicks but… whatever.


Final short thoughts:

  • Guess what? I wrote this at Christmas eve! Happy holidays, folks!
  • I… as much of a JJ fan I am, I don’t understand how he still managed to place 3rd.
  • Contrary to what others said, I feel like the large cast were handled pretty well, though that does indeed compromise Yuri and Viktor’s screentime together. Again, Y!!!OI could’ve used more focus on these two but the massive amount of fanfics out there (hell yes I’m looking at you, Tweeter!!! on Ice) is enough to force their chemistry down my throat.
  • Thumbs up to Sayo Yamamoto. She’s a great director for steering this show back to glory.
  • Love that part where they used Otabek’s track to hype Yurio’s entrance.
  • Jesus. That Makacchin/Vicchan tissue box was… grotesque.
  • Lol’d at that gaijin reporter. Were they trying to impersonate someone?
  • I’d really love to hear the reason why Minako-sensei’s going crazy over Chris.
  • Chris is actually a pretty adorable tsundere yo.
  • So how about a live-action film starring Yuzuru Hanyu and whoeverthatguy Viktor is based of, eh? Eh?

Welp. I guess that was an entirely new experience. I’m not sure if we’d be able to get an anime about queer couples as honest as this, but if it’s as good as Y!!!O, it would definitely be on my watchlist. Hope you guys enjoyed the show too! Cya~


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