Flip Flappers – Episode 12

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the last episode of Flip Flappers.


I won’t dwell on this too much, but yeah episode 12 is a storyboarder’s nightmare. There certainly were parts wherein it’s starting to get good, but then the next instant you will find yourself abruptly shown a different storyline/scene instead of capping the sequence in one stroke. Try this. Construct the exact series of events that happened this episode, and see how much you will get it right. I’m pretty sure Bu-chan transformed somewhere at the middle, but it’s such a mess that I no longer can remember what preceded and or superseded it.

Of course, we can take this as Flip Flappers‘ gesture in trying to cram things up as much as possible — in which it’s only doing more harm than good — and to be honest, I still prefer its slower build up as per the earlier episodes wherein you can feel that there’s a pull to the punch. It’s a shame, really, because episode 12 had potential to even become one of the best episode of this season, but the disappointing execution easily swept everything under the rag. The funny thing is that it’s exactly because it has such a strong material to work with that I found myself enjoying the episode a bit in comparison to the last two.


Yayaka is awesome, and her transformation was definitely one of the highlights this episode despite its short-lived splendor. Unfortunately, we only got a couple of minutes of her awesomeness because reasons, but it was still enough to at least keep me hopeful for the rest of the episo oh wait no scratch that. It’s also interesting how that scene of Yayaka confessing her feelings had more emotional impact to me compared to Flip Flappers‘ attempt to, uh, inject some backstory for Mimi. I appreciate it, really, and that simple nuanced relationship — that simple exposition fleshing out their relationship beyond that of a mother and a daughter — is just what I was begging for /before/ any of this even happened. It’s sad to say that I feel like it’s too little too late now for me to be convinced by Mimi’s story but… we have one more episode… I guess?

Oh, and speaking of strong material… I’m sure I haven’t mentioned this before (episode 1-2 post maybe?) but Flip Flappers has some interesting take on Jungian psychology with the psyche, anima/animus, persona, shadow and all. There’s also that weird kaleidoscopic thing Mimi uses to do whatever and I was helluva sure I saw that thing before. It’s probably a mandala though — a term used by Jung for whatever geometric shape we see in our dreams. If I recall correctly, Jung defines it as the unity of one’s self, and remembering that while I was watching the show was pretty cool to say the least, granted that I’ve always appreciated Flip Flappers for its inspired references. As interesting as it is, however, it’s no more than a mere footnote at this point of the show. Shame, really, because Flip Flappers feels like it was initially aiming for something mind-blowing.


Short thoughts:

  • Nope. I… don’t feel like elaborating on that mandala thing. I’m not a psychoanalyst yo, and there’s Wikipedia to begin with.
  • I’d love to see someone tackle Flip Flappers with Jungian psychology though. That episode wherein we saw a boy Papika was sorta like an anima/animus archetype (I guess).
  • Yayaka is awesome. Yayaka will save the show.
  • Yeah, so I never mentioned this before, because I wasn’t sure if it will have any bearing to the later episodes, but weeks ago there were rumours that the writer will be changed on top of Studio Pablo no longer doing the background animation. Sigh. I trusted Flip Flappers to nail it, but I guess Studio Pablo’s backgrounds really is that essential to this show’s charm.
  • W-what if everything was just Pure Pure Illusion? It must be!
  • Sadly, the highly venerated sakuga of Flip Flappers is nowhere to be found this week. I’m sure it’s quite obvious how lackluster the animation has been this episode in comparison to those in its heydays.
  • So, is the painting in the hallway really just a painting in the hallway?
  • Like seriously. What happened to the nurse in the school? I was a hundred percent sure she’ll play a part in all of these.
  • New New is… New New. What’s her character’s point? For me to crack that awful NyuNyu!!! on Ice joke? Tbh it’s funny tho.
  • I feel like… this is what it will look like if Hayao Miyazaki flubs his storyboarding. You know how he does things, right?
  • Tell me I was supposed to be hyped from that Cocona and Papika transformation, because I seem to have missed the cue.

Well, at least the last episode will be more interesting and… yeah, I honestly don’t know how it will end at this point. I’ll see you guys next week! Pure Christmas!


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